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The Emerging Artist Platform – stay away

I had an awful experience with the emerging artist platform. It’s not just the fact that they ignored my messages, did not upload my new work, did not update my page as I sold various pieces (not through them obviously but through other galleries) did not provide PR, marketing and consultancy services (which they said they would). It’s how Jazz Jade handled the whole situation. I grew up around entrepreneurs and my family run various business and I have worked with them every now and then. When they receive a complain or a comment from a client, they do not…

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Emerging Artists Platofrm – Avoid

So like so many others, my experience with these guys is not good. I was contacted through Instagram, very impressed with my work, offered me a place on the EAP, I decided to go with, paid my fee and sent off my artwork photos. I even contact Jill Blakely who has exhibited with them, and her experience was fine. She had no complaints about them at all, and sold 3 paintings through them. I seriously think that these people scam the larger majority of people they contact, but some they do work with, makes their outfit look ok on the…

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I was contacted by them

I was contacted by EAP. I was curious so i did a little on line research. It seems there are a fair number of people dissatisfied with their dealings with EAP. That can be true of any business that there are dissatisfied customers. My next step was to look at the work featured by them. Honestly speaking as a professional artists who has been making art for over 50 years and teaching over 30 years the artwork I saw was some of the most amateur work I had ever seen. Maybe EAP is a legitimate business but I have to…

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Emerging Artists Platform

I have been approached by Lauren on Instagram telling me how much she loves my artwork asking if I would be interested in joining her team of artists selling their works. I of course like a lot of you was very interested. I almost went ahead and wrote back to her. Decided to do a little research first. I just wanted to say thank you for your messages. I’m sorry Stop hear the awful experiences you have been having. But it a big thank you to you other people won’t be going through the same. Hopefully more people will do…

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Inigo Philbrick in the mid 2000s

I met Inigo Philbrick in the mid 2000s, at a Salon, which his ex landlord and ex boss had organized together. I remember when Inigo spoke, he described so vividly this image of three nuns by the sea (I think it was a painting he had seen), I can still recall the images he created with his description. Anyways. He was very young and, you could tell immediately that he was very bright. Over the following 3, 4 years I hang out with him semi-randomly. Meaning we’d exchange an email once in a while and maybe meet two, three, four…

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Van Der Plas gallery – Adriaan Van Der Plas

Van Der Plas gallery will ask you to submit then charge you a hanging fee of $120-$300+ per work depending on the size. This is in addition to the 50% commission. They did state that part of the fees are credited back to you if it sells but they dont appear to have much work selling. Besides if I pay you upfront there’s no incentive to sell after that. They do mention the fees upfront at least so there’s no time wasted applying if you don’t want to pay.

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Hi, Im wondering if anyone has received an email from Artland – which claims to promote artists only on Instagram? Have you tried them out – are they any good – below is a copy of the email I received? These are uncertain times for everyone but one thing is certain: The art world has finally moved online for good. Whatever the new normal will look like, a digital presence will now be more important than ever, with Instagram still taking the pole position for artist discovery. I therefore wanted to follow up on my other email again to see…

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