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said: I agree with the original poster. Much is promised in this residency that is not delivered. No scientists on board. It is sponsored by a shell org that was set up by the individual director. This is not a research expedition, you will motor around the fjords in a boat that can be hired for pleasure cruises and there is not enough room or time to make artwork. Requesting time / space for work will result in the director yelling. He bullied the sailing crew and captain too. The location is amazing, and the idea is great but I would choose a different scenario that is not so personality driven and doesn't promise what can't be delivered - maybe rent your own ship for the same cost?
said: I don't have enough words to express how grateful I am for this awesome opportunity they give me. I sold three artworks and am confident that the collectors will enjoy them.
said: Readers should be cautious about some of the anonymous posters above (they are likely the same person and the website may well be fake too). Readers should refer to recent video evidence of the event, as that is objective. There are videos on PAF TV. including videos by recent exhibitors (including returnees), as well as videos by exhibitors themselves over many years, if you search "Parallax London" on You Tube, it should come up with a few. The event is ten years old now and the comments above by the anonymous posters seem dated and do not reflect reality. Chris hasn't managed the event since around 2015, so the poster has quoted from very old emails (note that they do not give the date). PAF is also open-submission and doesn't have a selection committee, as can be see in this video on the website > Parallax Art Fair has a dedicated website for returnees because of the numbers > > Some have been exhibiting since 2014. For Videos > > > PAF TV is here > The YouTube is here >

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Virginia Dampsta – stay away

Virginia Dampsta is a London based art agent and former gallerist. She knows many people in the art world but you realise her connections to these people are skin deep and her ‘clients’ are far and few in-between. She will let you down as an agent with her false promises and excuses. Invest your money elsewhere.

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Fountain Hills, Az

RUN! Upon arrival to this 3 day “Fine Art Fair” (November 8,9 and 10th, 2019), there were no indications for the direction of the show (the map they sent was missing the other half of the directions) or where to set up. We turned for an hour before finally finding a volunteer who knew something: turn right, turn right, and turn right….only to end in a 20 car pile up. Am I exaggerating, no not even a little bit. If the getting your truck through did not piss you off then maybe having to through your things quickly on the…

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Van der Plas Gallery

I was contacted by this gallery via Instagram. It is a brick and mortar site. I got suspicious because my art doesn’t look anything like what they have displayed in the past. The charge large fees up front per piece ● ​1 painting/drawing/print, up to 14” x 11” $150 ● ​1 painting/drawing/print, up to 24” x 18” $200 ● ​1 painting/drawing/print, up to 40” x 30” $250 And of course there are other fees and 50% commission I didn’t take Adriaan Van der Plas up on the invitation

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NYA Gallery, NYA ART Center, Townley Studio

NYA Gallery keeps emailing me and contacting me through Instagram. Email is from NYAFAIR, TriBeCa, says there located at 7 Franklin Place, New York, NY. Seems fishy to me. I googled their curatorial fee and saw fees from $249 to $150 (if art is accepted), plus artist is responsible for shipping up and back. Anyone know anything? Thanks!   (NYA has many names, they should all be listed. They seem to re-brand every few months. Most recent is NYA ART Center, and the owner, Shane Townley also runs something under the same address Townley Studio. For $250 per painting per…

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Cydonia Gallery

We are a group of artists who have worked with Cydonia Gallery in Dallas, TX. ( The gallery has changed locations several times but is still located in Dallas at this time. We cannot overemphasize this: Please do not work with this gallery and stay as far away from her as you can. She has several lawsuits coming her way but she also knows that it is expensive and potentially risky to sue and not every artist is in a position to do so. This woman is dangerous and needs to be called out as such.

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Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor NY

Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor NY Personal experience: This gallery stole my work, damaged my work, underpaid me ion sales, refused to pay me for sales, and gave me false documentation of sales. NYS Artists please refer to the NYS Arts and Cultural Affairs Law.!tid=N920BFF0BA5F24206A28746377C3B8457 Pay particular attention to “Artist-art merchant relationships”.

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