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Mail Scams

NFT scam

I already posted about another nft scam, but this is a similar scam. There are several fake accounts on Instagram that approach artists and ask them to sell their art as nfts. They insist using fake nft sites like It’s a scam to make artists pay for gas fees. Because they are not real nft sites, you can’t really sell your art there. So you will lose your money. This is just one of many scam sites, so be aware. If you have to register to the site to see any art or buyers, then it’s most likely a…

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Beware of the scam

Artist Scams Alert Beware of the scam. I just want to To denounce the scam of Floriano, the owner of flyer art gallery, I tried to do it on the flyer art group, but unfortunately he blocked me, so I decided to write to my friends to encourage them to warn artists of this crook.. Beware of the scam, in 2020 that owner of flyer art gallery took my participation fees for the New York exhibition. Since then he has been bluffing me, this scammer he even tried to terrify me with his threats and refusing to return my money.…

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Espace Inter-national

Anyone have experience with this company? looks like they send a a form email (did not address me by name but said they want to represent me). Paris address. no web site or IG profile I can find. Just a 4 page contract with a 500+ fee to sign on. Thought i would post to be careful.

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Hi, Im wondering if anyone has received an email from Artland – which claims to promote artists only on Instagram? Have you tried them out – are they any good – below is a copy of the email I received? These are uncertain times for everyone but one thing is certain: The art world has finally moved online for good. Whatever the new normal will look like, a digital presence will now be more important than ever, with Instagram still taking the pole position for artist discovery. I therefore wanted to follow up on my other email again to see…

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Laura Stout, Dallas, Tx

Anybody have any contact with this person? She (?) has written me twice talkiNg about buying my art. The English was pretty good but not perfect. She spoke of buying one painting, then attached 4. Of course, there was the obligatory red flag in that her husband will send the check…but he’s not home right now…my assumption is that this is a scam…it fits so many patterns we’ve seen. Let me know if you know anything?

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Art Platform NYC

Art Platform NYC is a very good international art scam. It formerly went by Art Approach NYC and is now opening a branch in Washington DC, They have a rather professional website, with lots of talented artists and art shows around the world. They contact you by email to say they have been following your work and would like to represent you. They offer various packages, differing in price range and the amount of work they will do to represent you. They offer exhibitions, presence on their website and copies of, high-resolution, coffee-table size art books with your…

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Purchase Request…

A reader said “I received an e-mail from a buyer asking to purchase one of the paintings on my website. He sent me what looked like a cashiers check to pay for the painting and the shipping and asked that I send a payment to the shipper ASAP because he had scheduled a pick up. I went to the bank first to make sure the check was good. After several days of investigating they told me it was fake. In the meantime the buyer was pressuring me to pay the shipper or he’d cancel the sale. I know artists who…

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