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Holy Art Gallery?

Please look into The Holy Art Gallery They have just had an exhibition in London Oxo Bargehouse were the conditions we’re unbelievable. They take down any negative commits from artists. They do so many open calls a year. All contracts non refundable even though Artist at this exhibition, some had no gallery lighting, leaking roof, rubbish laying around, mice, no drinks nibbles at launch party, no proper sales sheets, no proof of promotion, poor footfall, visitors mostly family and friends, no proper signage outside or within the gallery. They took no responsibility for the conditions within the exhibition and were…

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Galleria Huuto

I was looking for exhibition opportunities in Nordic countries and found out a gallery in Helsinki, Galleria Huuto, apparently is “an independent artist run collective” managing three spaces and receiving funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, however it charges fees from 500€ up to 1500€ for a three week exhibition period. Does any finnish artist out there that know more about Galleria Huuto?

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Divulgarti group

The assistant of the curator Loredana Trestin of Divulgarti group contacted me through Instagram and told me that they were impressed by my art and they want to invite me to an upcoming exhibition. I did my research: It’s a group exhibition in a handbag store in Milan. Yes you read it correctly: a handbag store. It’s called Galleria Cael. To participate it costs: – 1°work 350,00 € (for a size up to meter) – 2°works 600,00 € – 1°work € 400.00 (if more than one metre per one metre) – 2°works 700,00 € I’m not interested in vanity galleries…

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If you’re approached by “Gallerist” Marco Antonio Patrizio – Run!

It’s been a few years now. I was approached by italian gallerist Marco Antonio Patrizio who ran his gallery from Padua not far from Venice. Apparently he found me on Instagram. Besides running this gallery Mr Patrizio also attended various art exhibitions in different cities throughout Italy. We agreed on 5 of my pieces to be exhibited in Genua for a start and then to evaluate after Genua for a possible future collaboration. Nothing sold at the Genua exhibition and that’s OK. He brought my paintings back to his gallery in Padua (at least I think so) I asked for…

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Continua Gallery

In the early 2000s I was sexually assaulted by one of the three Galleria Continua gallerists. Anyone who worked with them, at least at the time, would easily guess who it was. I discussed it with one of the girls working for them at the time, and she said that she just accepted she had that kind of a boss and managed her way around it.

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Greenhouse Gallery – Walter aka“Dub” Wagnon aka WC Wagnon

WC Dub Wagnon was the last owner of Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio. He’s stolen many pieces of art from many different artists, never paid several artists and also skipped out on leases on properties. He’s the current owner of The Northwest Oklahoman, a newspaper in Ellis County Oklahoma. He lives in Arnett, OK. He also embezzled money from the Coppini Academy over the course of 6 years. Prior to that he was arrested and jailed twice for check forgery and selling electronic items and pocketing money from his previous job. All public records. If anyone is owed money by…

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Hi there, I was invited to undertake a 6 week residency at earlier this year. From my understanding it is one of the most prestigious residencies in the US. I was actually awarded a residency in 2020 but it was postponed due to the pandemic and so they reached out to me earlier in the year to move it to this spring. I also must commend them for the further support they offered me, making a contribution to my flight costs from Ireland. The residency was only half capacity due to the covid restrictions so there was actually only…

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Statement for Artists who have been scammed by #emergingartistplatform to circulate

Artists, have you been approached by the #emergingartistplatform run by #Hansford&Sons? It appears to be a scam. There are two sides to this group a ‘light’ facade with a dark background. There is a small leased gallery in Milton Keynes called Hansford & Sons, that runs exhibitions there and virtually, but even there the selection process appears to be random. Artists are approached usually via Instagram and invited to display work on the #emergingartistplatform. There is a fee for this, but commissions and quantities of work that artists are told they can put up are apparently made up on a…

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EAP poor service

My experience with Hansford and Sons EAP is consistent with others in this thread. Vic was in contact with me daily for nearly a week. When I sent payment all communication stopped. Now one month later my work is still not up on their website. I can only assume that clients will never receive purchased paintings and that I will never be paid. Moving on.

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I received this email and it sounds like a money making machine. I would like to explore with you the opportunity to be featured on We offer the prospect of one interview/review by an art critic chosen by us to be published on for a contribution fee of $ 250.00. About NY-ArtNews: Founded in 2016, the NY-ARTNews is an independent forum and online art magazine focusing mainly on the New York City Arts, Culture, and Art Market Scene. It provides an opportunity for your name and work to reach a larger audience.

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