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Inigo Philbrick in the mid 2000s

I met Inigo Philbrick in the mid 2000s, at a Salon, which his ex landlord and ex boss had organized together. I remember when Inigo spoke, he described so vividly this image of three nuns by the sea (I think it was a painting he had seen), I can still recall the images he created with his description. Anyways. He was very young and, you could tell immediately that he was very bright. Over the following 3, 4 years I hang out with him semi-randomly. Meaning we’d exchange an email once in a while and maybe meet two, three, four…

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Parallax Art fair / PAF

Parallax art fair or PAF are VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and a real scam preying on young artists – google this fair and you will find so many complaining that there was no marketing, that they turned up to find no lighting and bad booths, that the team was completely unprofessional. Remember at an artist’s fair like this YOU are the client, they earn by taking your money, and do not have incentives to help you make money from your customers (visitors) therefore you really have to be 100% confident in the fair and do research them widely. I have been in…

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The Emerging Artist Platform

Hi all, Does anyone have experience of the UK based Emerging Artist Platform sponsored by Hansford & Sons Fine Art? It seems to me there is something seriously wrong with this organization. My experience so far has been awful. Basically they have taken the money from my collectors but then they fail to organize the shipping. They are very hard to reach even with email. The delay has been a month now. I have asked them to call me but they haven’t so far. The whole business seems to be very unprofessional if it’s not a scam. Please, share your…

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Artvoices Magazine / 101 Contemporary Artist – $250 scam

About 2 years ago Artvoices Magazine / 101 Contemporary Artists pay to play info came through my inbox. I became curious bc it looked legit. I looked at the mags they publish, did some research, etc. Got I touch with the guy called Terrance Smith, he was quite responsive before I paid. Long story short, I never saw any of the materials I submitted published, neither did I see any magazine editions which were included in the price. After a year of demanding my money was to be refunded I unwillingly realized that it was a well set up scam.…

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Banditto residency

I got contacted by The Banditto Residency in Italy. Did some research and got in touch with 2 artists who had been invited to go. they ask people to apply but apparently end up inviting artists who already have a bit of exposure. so is the process legit ? the fee just a mean to make a little extra ? they have no press. seems quite fishy but i’d love to hear some other feedbacks.

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Carroll and Sons

Joseph Carroll owes a lot of money to many artists. He has been supportive to artists in the past and is basically a good guy. But beware, if he sells your work, he will likely use that money to payoff his other outstanding debt.

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Easton Art Gallereis

I reached out to Petrina Easton vias Linked In to see what she offers artists. I got an immediate reply- she is an art advisor and for $500 a year offers three shows, an online platform, etc… Has anyone had any experiences with her? I abhor “pay-to-play” schemes.

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Pashmin Art Gallery – Hamburg

I applied to the Pashmin Art Gallery for a group exhibition in Beijing. It will take place in an art museum. The gallery sent me an email with an extensive application form. It took me a lot of time to fill it out. Nowhere I could find information the costs. The gallery accepted my application and an assistant phoned me a few times. Then the gallery owner spoke to me and told me that I had to pay the shipping costs from Germany to Beijing and back. It was € 8,200, no matter how big the works were. Each of…

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