How's My Dealing? 2.0

Worldwide Reviews by Artists for Artists of Galleries, Art Fairs, Mail Scams and more.


Context art gallery, Venice. AKA Marco Patrizio

I have recently been scammed by Marco Patrizio, running context art gallery in Venice, Italy. He asked for money (to cover exhibition costs and framing) in return for representing me. I sent two large pieces of art which i sell for around £1000 each. Since sending the funds and works I’ve had no further dealings with him – he’s clearly blocked me, not responding to emails, or message replies. It’s only now i understand he is a regular scammer – this time contacting me through instagram via Context Art Gallery. I accept i lost my money (more fool me) but…

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Lichtundfire in NYC

I was contacted by the director via my website to participate in a themed group show. The curatorial statement aligned with my work so I was excited to get more information, but noticed in the fine print that they did ask for a financial contribution from the artist. The show was also in the very near future, which seemed strange. After I expressed interest, I was told that I would need to give the gallery almost $1,000 to participate, as well as a 60/40 split (artist/gallery). I shared my discomfort with this, at which point the messages became more desperate…

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AC Contemporary – Latin Art

I was in talks with this gallery about exhibiting with them at Art on Paper in NY. They presented an offer of charging me $1400 + shipping for 1 lineal meter of space in their booth. I had never worked with them before so I researched by talking with previous artists who has been in that fair with them. I was told by 2 artists that this gallery didn’t had a real gallery space outside of art fairs; that they went to these fairs by charging the artists, that they had gotten their pieces broken, bad presented and they had…

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Minus Space

As a non-profit Art Gallery, they should update their exhibition program. By no means do they show any kind of emerging artist. Unless, you count these Instagram accounts followed as emerging. @_only_bianka_ @legginsdreams365 @reelports @gabbyepstein @yaelsris

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M.A.D.S. brags about being a multimedia gallery as if that’s somehow a good thing. Art is therefore presented in digital form on the internet, social media and in a physical venue. What the hell is the benefit of that for the artist? The idea of ​​this vanity gallery is so stupid that I couldn’t even bring myself to ask for sales figures. I don’t want to waste my time, because I know couple of artists who have collaborated with them and didn’t gain anything except embarrassment. If there is something good to say, there are no shipping costs, but on…

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Holy Art Gallery?

Please look into The Holy Art Gallery They have just had an exhibition in London Oxo Bargehouse were the conditions we’re unbelievable. They take down any negative commits from artists. They do so many open calls a year. All contracts non refundable even though Artist at this exhibition, some had no gallery lighting, leaking roof, rubbish laying around, mice, no drinks nibbles at launch party, no proper sales sheets, no proof of promotion, poor footfall, visitors mostly family and friends, no proper signage outside or within the gallery. They took no responsibility for the conditions within the exhibition and were…

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Divulgarti group

The assistant of the curator Loredana Trestin of Divulgarti group contacted me through Instagram and told me that they were impressed by my art and they want to invite me to an upcoming exhibition. I did my research: It’s a group exhibition in a handbag store in Milan. Yes you read it correctly: a handbag store. It’s called Galleria Cael. To participate it costs: – 1°work 350,00 € (for a size up to meter) – 2°works 600,00 € – 1°work € 400.00 (if more than one metre per one metre) – 2°works 700,00 € I’m not interested in vanity galleries…

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Greenhouse Gallery – Walter aka“Dub” Wagnon aka WC Wagnon

WC Dub Wagnon was the last owner of Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio. He’s stolen many pieces of art from many different artists, never paid several artists and also skipped out on leases on properties. He’s the current owner of The Northwest Oklahoman, a newspaper in Ellis County Oklahoma. He lives in Arnett, OK. He also embezzled money from the Coppini Academy over the course of 6 years. Prior to that he was arrested and jailed twice for check forgery and selling electronic items and pocketing money from his previous job. All public records. If anyone is owed money by…

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EAP poor service

My experience with Hansford and Sons EAP is consistent with others in this thread. Vic was in contact with me daily for nearly a week. When I sent payment all communication stopped. Now one month later my work is still not up on their website. I can only assume that clients will never receive purchased paintings and that I will never be paid. Moving on.

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