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Worldwide Reviews by Artists for Artists of Galleries, Art Fairs, Mail Scams and more.


Arcade Project, M. Charlene Stevens

Unsettled by the fundraiser M Charlene Stevens, owner of Arcade Project, Arcade Project Curatorial and Arcade Zine has put up. Charlene positions herself as a constant victim but is entirely unprofessional, nasty and selfish. She owes money to dozens of people including myself, a BIPOC and will lash out if called out on. Charlene cannot secure a job because of her troublesome demeanor and entitlement. Do not work for or with Charlene.

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Inigo Philbrick in the mid 2000s

I met Inigo Philbrick in the mid 2000s, at a Salon, which his ex landlord and ex boss had organized together. I remember when Inigo spoke, he described so vividly this image of three nuns by the sea (I think it was a painting he had seen), I can still recall the images he created with his description. Anyways. He was very young and, you could tell immediately that he was very bright. Over the following 3, 4 years I hang out with him semi-randomly. Meaning we’d exchange an email once in a while and maybe meet two, three, four…

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Easton Art Gallereis

I reached out to Petrina Easton vias Linked In to see what she offers artists. I got an immediate reply- she is an art advisor and for $500 a year offers three shows, an online platform, etc… Has anyone had any experiences with her? I abhor “pay-to-play” schemes.

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Virginia Damptsa

Virginia Dampsta is a London based art agent and former gallerist. She knows many people in the art world but you realise her connections to these people are skin deep and her ‘clients’ are far and few in-between. She will let you down as an agent with her false promises and excuses. Invest your money elsewhere.

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Axiom Gallery or AXIOM Fine Art Consulting

Axiom Gallery or AXIOM Fine Art Consulting based out of Orlando/Winter Park, FL. The owner/CEO if this gallery and consulting firm is Russell G (see full name in the website listed above) and use to own HG ARTS (also based in Orlando). He also owned/owns BAD DOG EDITIONS. He single handedly ran his 30+ year old business in to the ground and quit paying artists in 2015 – then bankrupted the business in 2017. No artist knows about any sales or were paid for anything they might have sold between 2015-2017. He then regrouped and formed AXIOM. Feel free…

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Studio Visit Magazine

I’d like to know if anyone has had an experience with Studio Visit Magazine? Yes it is a pay to play I guess. I had to pay just over $200 in February to be featured in the magazine if I was chosen which I was. So I paid and the magazine was supossed to be out in July and it’s now nearly October and I still don’t have it. I wrote two emails and they never got back to me however I finally got an email in mid to late August saying this: “We appreciate your patience during the past…

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Dab Art

Has anyone had any experience with Dab Art, in Ventura CA? I applied for a Call for Entry, which was a request to review artists work for future (and unspecified) exhibitions. The cost was not much, but they also offered a $50 consultation in addition. I paid for both, figuring if I was not accepted I would be better able to determine why. I received a rejection letter fairly quickly, along with a comment that if I had paid for a consultation I would be contacted shortly. 2 months later I had not heard anything, and figured they weren’t worth…

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Ken Featherstone

A user sent in this comment – Ken Featherstone who repeatedly made promises but never “fully” delivered. He is involved in many types of artists’ opportunities such as exhibitions, on-line representation, and advertising/editorial/representation. I have had three separate dealings with him. I continued to give things a try, thinking that surely I was mistaken. In the end, clearly, I was not. His emails and messages were extremely angry. After politely responding to his last email request, I received a very unprofessional response that I do not feel appropriate to share here. Bottom-line, in my dealings with them, neither of these…

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I got this email a few days ago. I called them to find out more.  Yesterday I got a phone call from a women named Alice somewhere in Illinois (HQ are in SF). It sounded all too good…! So I did some more digging and found this article:   Not only is the article informative but it is worth reading the the comments left by artists. 

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Adelinda Allegretti

Any feedback/experience with this person? Adelinda Allegretti (art historian, independent curator, journalist) via Roberto Paribeni, 19 00173 – Roma (Italy)

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