Roy’s Art Fair – A complete waste of time and money

Sadly I participated as an artist during last year’s Roys Art Fair in London.

Overall I had a very disappointing experience with no sales, no one around me seemed to have sold also.

Traffic was not great, the venue was at the most, extremely average.

The management and owner is an artist who used the funds to pay for his participation at The Other Art fair and promote his art so clearly there is a conflict of interest and I would advise fellow artists to avoid them.

  • Anonymous

    Poor venue as the Bargehouse is really not suitable for an event of this nature. Furthermore the quality of the works was at the very least questionable, making me think I probably should not have put mine next to them.

    Sales were poor and I have not made my money back.

  • Anonymous

    What a complete joke of an ‘art fair’. The owner is clearly biased with a strong interest promoting his own art. The art fair itself is not really going anywhere as a brand. Same stuff different year. OXO is one of the worst venues you can attend and the only reason they go there is because of the low fees to hire it.

    Would not do it again and I would strongly advise not to apply.

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