How's My Dealing? 2.0

Worldwide Reviews by Artists for Artists of Galleries, Art Fairs, Mail Scams and more.


Emerging Artist Platform & Handsfords and sons are absolute pieces of crap.

This horrible couple Lucian Hector and Jazz Davies are frauds. I knew they were dodgy at first especially Lucian. I don’t know how I could even trust them. They looked professional and all because they had a big black car and carried your paintings to the exhibition studio. But one day they did the worst thing imaginable. The ripped my paintings to pieces and blamed it on me for getting cheap canvas when we were carrying them in our hands. They then made me sign a contract which I’m glad I refused because many people say that they are charging…

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European Cultural Center/ Global Art Foundation

A reader posted “I’ve been contacted by the European Cultural Center/ Global Art Foundation to exhibit during Venice Biennale. They asked for a big “sponsorship” for wall space. The place they exhibit at seemed great (I’m Italian and know Venice quite well) and the list of their sponsors too. I was in doubt wether to search for sponsorship to afford exhibiting with them but I thought I might as well ask first. I’m very new to the art world, maybe other artists have had experience with them. Thank you so much” Any other feedback?  

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Florence Biennale

This exhibition is set in the cradle of Renaissance art and its very name seems to link it to venerable, juried art shows like the Venice Biennale. But be wary of this and others like it. Florence Biennale is not a juried show and charges exorbitant fees for artists and galleries who wish to exhibit. The costs very often outweigh the benefits of participation.  Anyone have experience with this exhibtion?

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