Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Bembo

Any feedback on being asked to pay to exhibit at these places at the Venice Biennial?

  • Anonymous

    I participated in 2017, I negotiated paying a fraction of The $12000 participation fee. They do produce a beautiful book from the show and have lots of visitors since it coincides with The Venice Biennale. If your work is not hung on the first level they do not include your work in their 3D virtual gallery exhibition and archives. They do have a link to your website. They do not propose to sell or represent your work which is stated up front. I did get a nice article written about my work. My work was hung in an ok location but difficult to find among the many rooms and different levels of the Palazzo. I traveled to the opening which was well attended but I could not find my work: no one who worked there knew where my work was hung and by the time I found my art works I had just 5 minutes at the opening to see my work. When they shipped the work back to the US using only thin paper and tiny little foam corners all 55×44 inch diBond prints (weighing 25lbs each) were dented and destroyed ($4,000 of prints-material costs + $1200 UPS Shipping fees. A very hard lesson but I will never pay to exhibit nor exhibit internationally again unless all costs are covered by gallery /vendor.

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