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Art Fairs

Art box project

Received an email from Art Box project promoting participation in the Miami art Basel week in the Winwood area. Anyone had any dealings with Art Box Project or Miami art Basel week?

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NYC Artwalk

an “art fair” where an organization that claims in it’s own words “is not affiliated with any art collectives nor artist-run organizations” contacts artists via instagram to apply to be displayed at their various exhibition locations. The exhibitions that artists pay for are posters pasted up against scaffolding and the outside border of outdoor dining areas – so in some places, the middle of the street. They target people who are not able to actually see the work in person, i.e international artists from Kenya, etc. Usually these take place nearby where a legitimate art fair is going on. So…

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I came here looking for reviews, info. It is very expensive! But I think a lot of people don’t know how expos work, expos are paid by galleries & artists to have a space in a warehouse/ large conference space etc. Expos cost money, the organizers have to pay spaces, even if they make deals with hotels or whatever, they have expenses of marketing, rentals, promotion, printed materials. It’s not going to be free, and they can get away from not disclosing upfront the cost because it’s understood that to take part in an art fair/expo, you pay the space/…

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Parallax Art fair / PAF

Parallax art fair or PAF are VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and a real scam preying on young artists – google this fair and you will find so many complaining that there was no marketing, that they turned up to find no lighting and bad booths, that the team was completely unprofessional. Remember at an artist’s fair like this YOU are the client, they earn by taking your money, and do not have incentives to help you make money from your customers (visitors) therefore you really have to be 100% confident in the fair and do research them widely. I have been in…

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Clio Art Fair (the Anti-Fair)

I have a question that I think might interest more artist here. I’m thinking to apply for a fair in NY and found the Clio Art Fair, also called anti-fair. I didn’t really get a good impression from their website, but I might be wrong and therefore I was wandering if anybody has any opinion/experience regarding this fair?

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Vision Art Fair

I paid these people a deposit for a female only art fair that they were organising for March 2020. They then said there were problems at the venue and they would have to cancel. Several emails from them later promising a refund and nothing yet!!! Anyone else get involved with this?

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