Clio Art Fair (the Anti-Fair)

I have a question that I think might interest more artist here. I’m thinking to apply for a fair in NY and found the Clio Art Fair, also called anti-fair. I didn’t really get a good impression from their website, but I might be wrong and therefore I was wandering if anybody has any opinion/experience regarding this fair?

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    This fair will not help your career as far as I can tell. If you want to show your work find a space, get great artists to chip in and advertise the show yourselves. Build your following over a few years, do not think a one time thing will do anything for your career……..
    after a couple of years you will establish your own show and people will come because of the buzz about the work.

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    Hi! To the person who asked the question in the first place, could you happen to have some feedback to share of your experience, please? For when you did decide to join the Clio Art Fair? Thank you.

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    i went once to the clio art fair to support a friend who was showing there.
    the quality of the art was quite unequal and it seemed to me that the crowd was mostly artists and friends of artists and he did not make many sales. but he got some exposure and a few contacts.
    it was about 2 years ago so it might have changed.

    in terms of artist fairs, i was more impressed by the other art fair (as a visitor).

    of course, like all artist fairs, it’s an investment and a bet because it’s hard for many artists to cover the costs from what I’ve heard. it depends on what you create of course.

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