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Arquetopia Oaxaca

I want to share my resent experience with Arquetopia residency . I came to Arquetopia residency on January 17 and on the second day develop cold like symptoms and was ask to do a Covid test ,which nobody ask me before I arrived as well as my vaccination record.Just for my records I did a test back in US and it was negative .This time in Mexico my test was positive ,which makes me think that I got infected from the residency staff ,but they refuse to give me their records. I was waking up at 11:30 pm to let…

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Banditto Residency

I was contacted by Roy Ockers in 2020, asking for a fee to submit artwork to ‘apply’ for Banditto Residency. When I ignored his first email, he sent another offering me a discount on the fee. When I checked on the Banditto Residency info online, there was a section saying anyone contacting previous resident artists would not be eligible to apply. That’s weird. There is a list of previous residents, they are all real artists. When I looked at their web sites there is no mention in their CV etc about the residency. Also weird, any artist who won a…

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Banditto gallery

Likewise I received an invitation from Roy Ockers of Banditto GAllery, to their artist residency in Tuscany. I came across the ‘gallery’ on Linked In, but had reservations about the validity of their invitation… and now their fee is increased to €49. Glad to hear others comments regarding this ‘gallery’ and sorry that some have lost money applying for the residency.

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Banditto residency

I got contacted by The Banditto Residency in Italy. Did some research and got in touch with 2 artists who had been invited to go. they ask people to apply but apparently end up inviting artists who already have a bit of exposure. so is the process legit ? the fee just a mean to make a little extra ? they have no press. seems quite fishy but i’d love to hear some other feedbacks.

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The Art Letters and Numbers in Averill Park

Hello, This about an artist residency that was a total mistake misleading scam. The Art Letters and Numbers in Averill Park NY State turned our to be a false advertising hyped up disgusting crack like shit house . The director is an arch.professor! At Cooper Union the board and people involved print out like an uber intellectual forum. Way way higher learning and well read group. I chose this rez for its locations I could drive there and fill my car with supplies instead of flying and scratching around for supplies like I did at Arte Studio Ginestrelle in Italy!…

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Residency Arquetopia

Residency Arquetopia located in Puebla, Mexico They were in a rush to get my bank transfer. Once I got there, they gave me a studio separated from the group because I paint in oil. They never told me before hand I would be painting in a separate room. The room was located on the fourth floor made out all off glass without air conditioned and with way too much light for a painter! Think about it were in Mexico! It is super hot and sunny. A room made out of glass really! I couldn’t paint a hole week. They didn’t…

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Arctic Circle Residency

I was so excited to be accepted to be accepted to the Arctic Circle Residency and the geography of the trip is very beautiful. However, there were so many things wrong that I wanted to let others know. First of all, the Arctic Circle residency does not provide any funding at all; it is completely self-funded – they charge $6,500, but additional costs run another $3,000; gear, travel, hotels, etc. This is probably the same cost if you got some friends and organized a similar trip yourself, something that the shipping company offers. The worst part is that the director…

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Starry Night Artist Retreat

A user submitted the following; I would like to report and warn all of an artist residency retreat business called Starry Night Artist Retreat. Be very careful. They offer you a special opportunity called Exposure, to exhibit in Miami, USA or Venice, Italy at art expos. They charge you thousands of dollars and then they pay themselves to fly from where they are to the expo and then if you do something slightly so wrong (in their eyes!) such as converse with an art gallerist (which you should be allowed to do!!!!) they go off at you and run off…

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Tvak : Residential Art Studios

Can you set up a residency category? Lots of problems there is you are just beginning. I traveled to India last year to this place: Owner did not connect me with sculptor after 10 days. I went with a local friend and set it up with said sculptor in under an hour. When I got back to Tvak, owner kicked me out and kept $700 USD. She is notorious for doing the same to local artists. She also tried to derail my connection with the sculptor. Mean person. In April 2017, a poet came from UK and she said she’d get…

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