Arquetopia Oaxaca

I want to share my resent experience with Arquetopia residency .

I came to Arquetopia residency on January 17 and on the second day develop cold like symptoms and was ask to do a Covid test ,which nobody ask me before I arrived as well as my vaccination record.Just for my records I did a test back in US and it was negative .This time in Mexico my test was positive ,which makes me think that I got infected from the residency staff ,but they refuse to give me their records.
I was waking up at 11:30 pm to let me know that I have to leave residency by 9am next day to isolate and because I have no place to go they evacuate me in apartment without hot water ,non working stove in the bad neighborhood, consider that my spanish is very basic.
I think isolation was possible at the residency ,because I have a separate entrance from the street and private bathroom and I propose that to Chris Davis.No answer!
In five days I was in isolation none of people from Arquetopia call me and ask about my health and condition, not to mention that I have to pay for the apartment and to buy food.
At the end of fifth day I got an email from Chris Davis saying that my residency is terminated without refund!
Since that nobody from Arquetopia answer my emails or phone calls .
I manage to rent an apartment in Oaxaca for another week and took couple natural dyeing workshops ,but have to change my air ticket and fly back a week earlier than it was planned because of shortage of money.

I’m back in US and still can’t believe that you can be treated like this!Make sure to spread a word about Arquetopia and let people know how they treat artists.

  • Anonymous

    I had a very negative experience with Jessica as well. Overall I had an ok experience but I was the only resident at the time and I get the feeling they don’t have many applicants

  • Anonymous

    They are awful, indeed. The coordinator, Jessica, who works on the Oaxaca site is inflexible, and cold. She needs a course in customer service and how to be nice to people. The instructors and rest of the staff (cooks, housekeeper, driver) onsite are very kind, but Jess is the only one there who is bilingual, so you have no choice but to deal with her directly. I am so glad I am not there. My advice– take a workshop on Oaxaca and rent an Airbnb which you are there instead of participating in this residency– it’s not worth your time. And ask the directors if she works there. If so, do not bother.

  • Anonymous

    Their residency is awful. They are inflexible and treat their residents like we are children that should be seen, not heard. Total ripoff and disrectful staff

    • Anonymous

      They are unprofessional and rude to artists. I can’t stand everyone who works at Arquetopia. The only one I liked was my instructor and my fellow residents, who also couldnt stand the folks who work here. The rest of them are assholes

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