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Can you set up a residency category? Lots of problems there is you are just beginning. I traveled to India last year to this place: Owner did not connect me with sculptor after 10 days. I went with a local friend and set it up with said sculptor in under an hour. When I got back to Tvak, owner kicked me out and kept $700 USD. She is notorious for doing the same to local artists. She also tried to derail my connection with the sculptor. Mean person. In April 2017, a poet came from UK and she said she’d get him a place to stay in town. Never did and he had to rely on another organization. Steer clear.

  • Jeet Pandya

    “Hi there, I would like to respond to the anonymous comment on here about the studios which seems more of a rant.

    I am a local artist and having worked at the Studios for more than two years I never saw the owner deal in a bad way with any local or International artists there, it is ironic how anonymity gives you that extra courage to make the extreme of accusations being an outsider at the first place. Also more importantly, the Studios have never charged anything to the local artists at all, Workshops, Lectures, Exhibitions, Saturday talks there has been so much for free and in goodwill entirely for which normally isn’t anywhere else so I feel very grateful having been a part of it all.

    In regards to the Residency, when you expect alot and make that big journey it doesn’t quite works well if you begin complaining since the moment you step in, It is a completely different environment than your usual surroundings but then you have booked a place so that is your decision, which means there’s alot of work happened already before YOU arrive for YOU. Considering the arrangements for your stay, appointments with people, paperwork for artist arrivals and permits and alot of things in play. The owner sees to all of it. Might even come and pick you up at the Airport if free and take you places around city, talks to you about important places to go, all the relevant information an international needs to not feel lost in the city.

    Having worked at the Residency and being very much attached to the place also makes me say that it has its own flow, very natural, the place only accepts genuine people who seem to like the place and enjoy their stay and then there are the said artists who always complain, maybe that is an art in itself too, It is only then that you go back not getting what you wanted, having wanted so much more already maybe that’s the reason. There also has been a type we come across who’d take our help in getting grants, travel visa and all paperwork but then after arriving would not work as they described and would rather have ulterior motives in play that very much goes against the studio’s policy and calls for an immediate termination of the contract. So you’re not committing on your end and when it’s pointed out it is obvious you won’t like it and I cannot help but relate to what Wikipedia says about Frustration, “frustration is a common emotional response to opposition, related to anger, annoyance and disappointment, frustration arises from the perceived resistance to the fulfillment of an individual’s will or goal and is likely to increase when a will or goal is denied or blocked.”

    But it always works if you have realistic expectations and let things fall in place for if you’re good, trusting, determined and honest, usually there is no problem whatsoever so it’s always upto you. The artist.

    In my time at the Studios I met with plenty of inspirational artists from varying fields and I learnt many of valuable lessons of my life there itself and it has very much helped me be something and achieve success. I am halfway across the world now painting away all that I feel on paper and canvases and walls and furniture and on the back of paper receipts from supermarkets for even paper is so costly, that is only how I try and justify calling myself as an artist rather than posting away my troubles and anguish in on this virtual deceiving cyberspace.

  • Robyn

    Just finished my residency there and it was great. The owner is a busy person and the residency is not her main focus so it is definitely for people who are self-directed and can work on their own. The studio and accommodation are very basic but fine. The owner helped me with whatever I needed and was fun too. I really enjoyed my time and feel like it was an important for my work. I would recommend this place to people who enjoy being independent and aren’t looking for a community.

  • Steve

    This is very interesting. I am scheduled to stay there this fall. I remember seeing, on the website, a clear notice that one must stay in residence the whole time or be asked to leave. Would be interested to hear more from others!

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