I came here looking for reviews, info. It is very expensive! But I think a lot of people don’t know how expos work, expos are paid by galleries & artists to have a space in a warehouse/ large conference space etc. Expos cost money, the organizers have to pay spaces, even if they make deals with hotels or whatever, they have expenses of marketing, rentals, promotion, printed materials. It’s not going to be free, and they can get away from not disclosing upfront the cost because it’s understood that to take part in an art fair/expo, you pay the space/ print etc… Unless you’ve a name and bring clout to the even, they might invite you to bring reputation to an art fair. What I wanted to learn is if there is good promotion, a considerable audience especially of buyers, if galleries or curators go see the work, if artists get to network with them, if artists actually sold art + made money on top of expenses or broke even. My biggest problem is the quality of work they seem to show, which is mostly bad, almost manufactured – many curators are so snob but choose crappy work, other people who actually have some unique vision, don’t have a career, a chance to show etc. – but with this group, there’s really no curatorial sense! The prices are even higher now, they’re charging me E1263./4 medium works incl. taxes, to take part in the Barcelona Contemporary. it’d have been nice to read more professional opinions on the whole thing. I’d be ok paying some if it meant organization, great marketing, sales, connections, reputation building …

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    I feel you bro! Completely agree with you and have exactly the same feelings. I Almost closed a deal with them for an exhibition in Barcelona and backed up last minute because of the expenses. Unfortunately it looks like we have to put money in order to -maybe- get some money back. Money that we do not have in most cases. Where is the art?

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