Emerging Artist Platform & Handsfords and sons are absolute pieces of crap.

This horrible couple Lucian Hector and Jazz Davies are frauds. I knew they were dodgy at first especially Lucian. I don’t know how I could even trust them. They looked professional and all because they had a big black car and carried your paintings to the exhibition studio. But one day they did the worst thing imaginable. The ripped my paintings to pieces and blamed it on me for getting cheap canvas when we were carrying them in our hands. They then made me sign a contract which I’m glad I refused because many people say that they are charging them thousands of pounds on the credit cards and clogging up their bank accounts. I then stopped working with them. But to this day lucian has kept on messaging me and kept my painting as his Reddit, twitter and Instagram profile. On his twitter my wall is his painting but the profile picture is a wonderful picture of an old man in yellow. I hate them so fucking much.

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