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I’d like to know if anyone has had an experience with Studio Visit Magazine? Yes it is a pay to play I guess. I had to pay just over $200 in February to be featured in the magazine if I was chosen which I was. So I paid and the magazine was supossed to be out in July and it’s now nearly October and I still don’t have it. I wrote two emails and they never got back to me however I finally got an email in mid to late August saying this: “We appreciate your patience during the past few months as we have been working through turnover, re-direction of responsibilities and production delays; thank you for your toleration during this complex period…. It takes approximately 4 weeks to print and another 4 weeks to ship from overseas. The issues are sent directly to our mailhouse in California where they are distributed to participating artists and our mailing list of over 2,000 recipients.” I finally call them and ask why the digital version was not at least posted because that should only take a couple hours to do and it’s only fair. The lady I spoke to was extremely rude to me and told me they would try to do it within the next couple weeks yet that was three weeks ago. I did finally talk to a couple people that were in previous magazines and I know they did actually get their magazines late also but they did say they got no phone calls. This leads me to wonder if they simply print enough magazines for those who are in it, or do they actually mail them to the 2000 galleries and museums they claim?… I’m beginning to wonder if they are going broke even though they are continuing to collect new money for editions after mine?… Does anyone have any knowledge of this magazine?…

  • Anonymous

    I think that its been over a year and a half since I was to supposed to receive my copy. Its been so long that I can’t remember as to when I first sent them money . Communication is terrible. The Phone # on one their sites isn’t even a working #. Messages are not returned. Information is not forthcoming. A month ago, I was sent an online copy, and was truly disappointed by the printing quality (or lack thereof). I accept that they have had great challenges because of the pandemic, as have most of us, but any sort of update, be it monthly would not be too much to ask for.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not applying to this magazine, but I will speak about New American Paintings. Colleagues received their acceptance and denial on the same day. So, I waited three weeks later to contact NAP. When I called, I was told that I was on a shortlist, and I would receive confirmation in 1-2 weeks. So, a month went by, and I called again. I was met with the same response, ” you’re on a shortlist and should receive word in one week.” Another month went by (nothing in my spam, nothing in my regular e-mail), and I called again. This time I was told, sorry–not accepted. WTF?! I stated every time that my concern was that I was forgotten. I feel like that alone was far more insulting than if I received a not accepted in a prompt manner. I would never apply to Studio Visit–it’s nothing more than a money grabber for those saddened to have not made it in NAP.

  • Anonymous


    Well it’s been a year since I was offered a chance to be in the summer addition. Bought a two page and after two editions came out I received a second fact check. Still no magazine.

    I did call and speak to someone who assured me all was well.

  • Anonymous

    I too am waiting for publication. Has not been a positive experience and their communication is nonexistent. Will reserve judgement until I see the magazine. Can not recommend as I have seen nothing for the $ yet. Was suppose to come out last summer and it is almost December.

    • Anonymous

      Stop waiting because you’ve been scammed. Sorry this happened to you, but you need to know you will never get a copy of that edition because it very likely doesn’t exist.



  • Roshan Houshmand

    I was in it years ago. They screwed up somehow with my page so gave me a freebie the following publication. For what it’s worth, the only result was I was visiting a gallery in Boulder, saw the publication on the desk, showed the gallery attendant my page, but never heard from them again.

  • anonymus

    Was accepted, from supposedly almost a thousand entries. Publication came out with wrong title on the image.
    Brought it to their attention but their response was that it was tough luck. The guy was saying how fortunate I was to make the cut and the image looked fine. Brushed me off
    I had someone else call again on my behalf to explain that with my conceptual work the correct title is essential. Some how my (male) advocate got a better response from the guy and the work got reprinted correctly in the next issue.

  • Not too anxious.

    I agree with some of the concerns here. I too paid for a sigle page, $250? this was months ago so don’t remember. The process has been notoriously slow, with intermittent comm. Sort of mom & pop. ops. From prev. comments this sounds legit, just a bit disorganized or maybe it’s one over worked and underpaid graphic designer in Boston, cranking though spreads. If after publication — which I suspect, mine is clearly late, I see any activity, I’ll post further. Not holding my breath, just going through the art apparatus motions.

    • Too little too late. (followup)

      Just an update, these folks finally shipped their product – late. It arrived damaged at my doorstep. They ship in plain plastic bags which are clearly and easily damageable when they arrive though USPS. Would I do this again? No. Once is a good learning experience. The level of disregard for artists after they have taken your money is not worth it. More importantly, do I feel this pub has lead to any meaningful inquiries, didn’t expect it to, and it didn’t. WOT (Waste of time). 08-01-19

  • m ward

    I’ve been in Studio Visit once. Got nothing out of it, other than a line on my CV. Most disappointing however was the PAGE SIZE of the magazine. I was expecting something that was the size of a regular magazine (8 x 10 or larger). It’s actually more like 6 x 9, which makes the reproductions tiny. If you don’t mind paying several hundred dollars to have your work displayed at sub-postcard size, go ahead.

  • Anonymous

    I’m also a featured artist waiting for the publication to come out. I do think it is a legit publication; it’s been around for years, I’ve had friends who have been in it as well, and it’s the same company as NAP. However, running several months late on publication gives me reservations about ever applying again. I received an email response to my inquiry about this issue in late Aug… they claimed it would be sent out in September sometime… obviously now it’s late Oct…feeling worried.

  • Anonymous

    I have been in Studio Visit twice. Both times I purchased a double spread. At first I thought it was easy to get in because it was a “pay to play publication” I was accepted both times I applied – but I know of a few others that were not accepted. It is owned by the same group that put outs New American Paintings (which are also a bit disorganized and not good with communication)

    Anyway, I don’t remember receiving my publication late, or any phone calls. Very little communication – But I never was worried. I did not really get overly excited about it. I do know that they do send it out to galleries – I was approached by quite a few galleries after each publication. Also galleries that I approached – they also mentioned seeing me in “Studio Visit”. I have also visited several NYC galleries (and other cities) and seen it sitting out on their desk.

    I would not worry about it. They are a legit company – You would probably not want it going out June-September anyway. That is a slow time for most galleries, everyone is on vacation, and they are not thinking about new artists. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    I participated 4 or 5 years ago and everything ran smoothly and it was worth the production fee. I believe they publish New American Paintings as well. Or at least they did at one point. I secured additional representation solely from my listing in this pub. It sounds like it may have been sold and/or is on the downside. They probably need to put more effort into the digital side. The missed timeline is way to excessive. A few weeks is one thing. Months overdue indicates problems

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