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Ken Featherstone who repeatedly made promises but never “fully” delivered. He is involved in many types of artists’ opportunities such as exhibitions, on-line representation, and advertising/editorial/representation. I have had three separate dealings with him. I continued to give things a try, thinking that surely I was mistaken. In the end, clearly, I was not. His emails and messages were extremely angry. After politely responding to his last email request, I received a very unprofessional response that I do not feel appropriate to share here.
Bottom-line, in my dealings with them, neither of these two people were who they seemed to be on the surface.

  • Anonymous

    A few years ago Ken Featherstone sent me an email asking me to call him. I didn’t know who he was or why he wanted me to call. For personal safety reasons I’m cautious when dealing with strangers. I very politely replied to his email asking what it was regarding and I received an explosive email response from Ken. He said I was extremely rude and unprofessional for questioning him, that I’d just blown a huge “ opportunity,” and that he’d never work with someone like me. Anyone who explodes like that when asked a simple question is manipulative, dangerous and should be avoided.

  • Ken Featherstone

    Since this is “anonymous” and there’s way to verify or address this claim, I will in the strongest terms say this is untrue. Featherstone Arts goes out of our way to enhance and work with clients. Of the hundreds of nationally ranked artists we work with you will find this to be true. At my own time and expense I highlighted over 50 artists in 2017 in two national magazines. Perhaps this is someone we discusses including in an ad and choose to not move forward and represent their work. Regardless, there has never been angry or insulting emails sent from this office and I openly challenge the person making this false claim to prove this actuation.
    Ken Featherstone and anyone associated with Featherstone Arts will tirelessly work with our clients in any way possible. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by being rude or unprofessional, and I can assure you this did not occur as stated by this anonymous source.

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