Axiom Gallery or AXIOM Fine Art Consulting

Axiom Gallery or AXIOM Fine Art Consulting based out of Orlando/Winter Park, FL.

The owner/CEO if this gallery and consulting firm is Russell G (see full name in the website listed above) and use to own HG ARTS (also based in Orlando). He also owned/owns BAD DOG EDITIONS. He single handedly ran his 30+ year old business in to the ground and quit paying artists in 2015 – then bankrupted the business in 2017. No artist knows about any sales or were paid for anything they might have sold between 2015-2017.

He then regrouped and formed AXIOM. Feel free to read more info from employees and artists HERE:
He posts person photos on in personal instagram account going on shopping sprees, traveling the world, constantly sitting in the airport with new Lousi Vutton luggage, and Gucci shoes, posting photos of a Maybach and/or Mulsanne – insinuating that is is going to purchase or is driving.
He is also verbally abusive to artists he use to work with via instagram and DM. He has not had a good reputation in the Art Consulting/Hospitality Industry for quite time time. I’m not sure why people still work with him. I’m sure I don’t know the half of it.
His art consultants have been approaching artists under the guise of working on projects in NYC and Miami right now. Im sure they are legit – but if you ever get paid might be another story. Also, I have heard not to be surprised if he photographs your original work without your knowledge, then tries to make reproductions from it.
I am trying to list the facts and not include any color commentary or emotion when describing this man and his companies.
Just be informed and proceed with caution if you are approached by this company.

  • Anonymous

    Glad I found this website. The owner, Russell G, has a history of mistreatment of his artists and his employees. He can portray himself as kind and charismatic if you are important and can offer something of value to him, but as soon as something does not go his way you will see his true nature. Ask any ex-employee and they will let you know. The amount of artists that have gone unpaid or have received extremely late payments from both his past business HG Arts and current, are criminal in nature. He should not be in the art business, artists beware and stop.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone that does business with this man has clearly not read all the information available on-line about his crooked business dealings and how he treats employees. He’s a man with no soul, no conscience. He should be in jail for the money he stole from artists/clients, as well as his employees – money which he used to support his lavish lifestyle. And the he files bankruptcy. Buyers beware – he’s a scam.

  • Axiom Fine Art

    Hi there,

    Thanks for expressing your concern. Though we cannot speak to past business entities and management teams, we can attest to the integrity of the current AXIOM team. Our artists are paid in a timely manner as works are sold in their respective projects, with internal records to track and provide transparency. Many projects are curated based on consignment, placed into projects and only sold when there’s interest in a particular piece by a buyer, all of this is laid out in artist contracts per terms agreed upon by both parties. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us!

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