M.A.D.S. brags about being a multimedia gallery as if that’s somehow a good thing. Art is therefore presented in digital form on the internet, social media and in a physical venue. What the hell is the benefit of that for the artist? The idea of ​​this vanity gallery is so stupid that I couldn’t even bring myself to ask for sales figures. I don’t want to waste my time, because I know couple of artists who have collaborated with them and didn’t gain anything except embarrassment.
If there is something good to say, there are no shipping costs, but on the other hand, no one will buy your art from the gallery either. This “gallery” is a complete joke.

Expenses for a one-week exhibition:
– 250€ for 1 artwork.
– 500€ for 3 artworks

Save your money and reputation, say no to M.A.D.S!

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