How's My Dealing? 2.0

Worldwide Reviews by Artists for Artists of Galleries, Art Fairs, Mail Scams and more.



I had one exhibition in Venice and it all looked nice. After that, they asked me if I would join another one for a discount price. I said yes, but later they charge me 50% more. After that, I decided to go and take a look, how this event looks like. And it was pitiful; I will not say, they put pictures nice and the place is beautiful. But there were just a few people at the exhibition and I guess there were even fewer visitors. I know it is not a great situation for art, but they could say…

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Excellance art Gallery in Mirabella, Spain

I received an Instagram message from @excellanceartgallery from Guiseppe Carnevale. He then called me- I did ask him to- after he went to my website and saw my work. A very congenial fellow I must say- and he offered me a solo show in Spain with up to 20 paintings, one painting in a show in Paris, one painting in a show in Monte Carlo, and two paintings in a show in Porto Banos, Spain. Plus a single page in a prominent European Art Magazine. And the package price is 15,500 Euros….. I haven’t seen him or the gallery listed…

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Galeria Moderna

Does anyone have any experience of this gallery? I’ve received regular invitations to submit paintings for exhibitions, you just pay the ‹35 fee.

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Dab Art now Cheating Artists in LA

Yessica Torres is now cheating artists in Los Angeles with her illegal business practices. She has no Gallery Downtown. Her business is online. She uses three different names (Yessinia, Yessica Russel Torres, Yessica Torres de Marin). She is vile, an alcoholic and uncaring for the artistic community. The Dab Art LA phone number is 213,260.0556 Dab Art claims Gallery Appointments are available, when they are not. It’s a shame such a vile person is associated with the artistic community. Our hearts go out to everyone here.

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Spanierman Modern

This dealer, Spanierman Modern, falsely claims location of actual galleries. When I did not want to work with him anymore, he refused to return my work for months and when I finally received it it was barely packed and damaged. His excuse, his wife was leaving him. He would not submit to his insurance company or take any responsibility to repair.

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PAKS Gallery, Vienna/other locations

For more than a year i have been spammed with mails from this gallery. They use my full name followed by the sentence: “as you know, gallery repressentation is very important for the artist’s career.” I find this marketing strategy very aggressive since i politely stated as a reply to the first mail i got – that i didn’t need repressentation by a foreign gallery. I did not block the email, because i wanted to see, what they were “tempting” me with. It is a pay-for-play/vanity gallery and i read some negative reviews online that has confirmed this is not…

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Gavin Spanierman kept my work after being asked to return it. He had no consignment. He finally put the works in a truck, threw bubble wrap over it and delivered it to Brooklyn, Paintings were damage.He did not insure the shipment. Furthermore he claims to have galleries in NY and Miami in online talks. They both have been closed. He did not pay an art writer. He berated an art handler at a public museum event. Stay clear of this dealer.

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Hello! Has anyone had any experience with Art.Number23, uk based gallery and virtual exhibition space? Thank you

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Sonia Monti Galerie in Paris

I’ve been contacted by their gallery. they offered immediately a contract without knowing me. in exchange of representation the artist has to take a membership to a platform ( It shouts vanity gallery

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