I had one exhibition in Venice and it all looked nice. After that, they asked me if I would join another one for a discount price. I said yes, but later they charge me 50% more. After that, I decided to go and take a look, how this event looks like.
And it was pitiful; I will not say, they put pictures nice and the place is beautiful. But there were just a few people at the exhibition and I guess there were even fewer visitors. I know it is not a great situation for art, but they could say something about it.

And now they asked me to postpone another exhibition in Venice. After I said no, they just stopped being nice. OK, I understand it is just business, but they do not do their part. For me it is an investment to find curators, buyers, … if there is nobody there it is just waste of money.

It is not so bad, but I had a feeling they are just trying to get money from artists and do not do what they promise.

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