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Category - Gallery

Galleri Quirinius


A reader wrote – and Galleri Quirinius
Swedish, where you pay a high price to take part in group exhibitions with 1-3 paintings.


Incredible Artists


A reader submits this feedback / experience here?

Ricky Pantele of Incredible Artists in California seems highly professional and enthusiastic but has been known to want to change the terms of the contract after signing. Proceed with caution.

Artrom Gallery


a reader writes this, any feedback/experience here?

I had problems with the Artrom Gallery in Rome, Italy. It took me 3 years to get my work back after an invitational exhibit. I was not the only one either, I found another artist that was waiting for her work ever. longer. I found this artist when the gallery owner sent me some pictures after I wrote her many times, where she exhibited my work without my permission with this other artist, well, more like decorated her apartment. Together we got her to finally return our work.

Art Fusion


A reader writes the following, any feedback / experience here?

Miami has a crazy load of galleries in the area called “Wynwood”. LOTS of artists want to be here and it has become so saturated with graffiti you can barely find the front door to a gallery. This saturation has created the next wave which is moving northward, same avenue but northbound. In this Wynwood area is a two story gallery “Art Fusion” jammed with paintings and photography. To make a long story short, just so you know, they charge wall space. 5′ x 10′ = $1800/month. I asked an employee after looking at endless pieces, “is there a best selling artist or artists here?” Answer: “Yes the owner”

Caelum Gallery


A reader wrote this – any experience here or feedback? “Caelum Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, is a vanity gallery. Several years ago, I walked in with another artist and the gallery director came over and engaged us in conversation. He took my card and said he’d look at my web site. Then I got a letter from him offering me a section of the gallery for a show — for a $3,000 fee. No, thanks.”

Gateway Art Center


A reader asks, “Anyone have experience with Gateway Art Center NY, NY

LemoArt Gallery


A reader wrote this – and experience here for anyone else?

LemoArt Gallery in Berlin

Offered to show 6 of my pieces at a 25% commision, (plus an upfront non refundable payment of 440€) for a six month showing (one piece per month). They mentioned this was a special offer and the regularly charge 50 euros per piece per 2 week show., plus the comission on sales.

I was contacted on instagram, and a number of other artists in my circle where also offered this deal. As luck would have it I was in Berlin a week after receiving this email, and I went to see the gallery, and it was closed on both days I dropped in. I didn’t participate with them because I don’t usually pay such large upfront costs, so I have no idea if this is a legit offer. Thoughts?

Bruce Lurie Gallery


A reader sent this in – anyone else with feedback / experience?

Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles — To make a long story short, Bruce and his twin brother expressed interest in my work. A few months later, Bruce called me to say he’d like to present my work in his booth at the Southampton Art Fair on Long Island. However, I’d have to ship my work to the fair, be responsible for shipping it back to me if it didn’t sell AND pay him a $1,000 “booth fee.” And the commission on work sold would still be 50%. This sounded irregular to me, so I contacted a successful gallery owner friend who does a lot of business at art fairs around the country and asked her what she thought. She was adamant that it was one thing for me to ship the work to him, but transporting it to and from the fair should be the gallery’s responsibility and that she’d never, ever, charge an artist a “booth fee.” “It’s our job to cover the overhead,” she said. She added that she didn’t have a high opinion of the Southampton Art Fair anyway — there was another one on Long Island that was better funded and organized and had a better clientele. When I called Bruce and politely told him I’d be willing to participate but not if I had to pay for shipping to and from the fair or a portion of the booth fee, he suddenly transformed from the friendly, ingratiating guy he’d been toward me to curt irritation. Suffice to say, I felt glad that I had not gotten further involved with him.

Galeria Zero


A reader sent in this – any other feedback/experience?

Everything that has to do with the curator Carolus Stoop and his moving gallery called galeria zero is such a scam, I remember it was my first year I was starting to exhibit so I did’t know about those practice, the guy had rented a lame place, booked twice the number of artists that he could show just to make money, the artworks were barely hanged, I saw paintings on tables put back to back, some artists who did not come to hang their works themselves had their works never leave the crates in which they were sent. It was so outrageous several artists called on Swiss TV to warn artists of this and to talk about art basel side fairs, later we tried to bring a lawyer in because it was pointless trying to get our money back from the man himself, but this person is an expert at this, he has a company in 2 different countries and he exhibits elsewhere so if you want to bring in the justice it has to be with international laws which artists can’t afford. I really advise all artists to stay away from the events he organizes.

Venus Studios LLC and Art Supply


A reader sent this in, any other feedback / experience?

Venus Studios LLC and Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA

They sold thousands of dollars of my work and did not pay my commission. I took them to court and won in full but they still did not pay a cent. Back to court, agreed on monthly payment plan, paid for 5 months, then stopped. Still owe me thousands. Treated me so badly, bullied and threatened.