my experience with EAP – Emerging Artist Platform


I would like to tell you about my experiences with EAP.

First of all, don’t do business with this company!

I can only agree with the previous speakers. The contact and behavior is impeccable – until you pay the fee.

Lauren contacted me at the beginning. Like you, I initially thought how good the offer of this gallery is. Especially in contrast to all the other galleries out there.

After paying the fee, however, I was unable to reach Lauren. All of my emails and Instagram messages went unanswered. I also tried to contact the company through other emails. I quickly saw that on Instagram more and more complaints from other artists were collecting in the comments under the pictures that EAP published. Lauren didn’t answer them either, but quickly deleted the comments so as not to look bad.

Only when I threatened to file a report with the police did she promptly write back to me. In the meantime I found this page here – unfortunately a bit too late for me.
I also confronted EAP with the link to that page. I wanted EAP to see that their plan is not working and that more and more people are complaining. EAP’s explanation was that this page is being written by only one person – a liar named Anonymous. LOL.

I was supposed to contact Jazz and informed EAP at the same time that I no longer wanted my site to be published by them because I didn’t want to ruin my name. In response, my art promptly went online. I complained because my request was again not granted. Again no answer. As an aside, it should be mentioned that you could only find my art on the site if you explicitly entered my name.

Contact with jazz ended with her insulting me as a stupid liar. This woman represents a company! I have never experienced such unprinting behavior by a company.

Please please save yourself the hassle and look for a professional company.

best regards

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