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Run away from them. This a big fraud; They charge you the annual fees, and then don’t comply with the promised services, they stop answering your emails. Then, they charge you again the following year even if you have canceled your subscription. Their website is empty : you can’t find cancellation policy, no Terms and Conditions. Phone number is not working. Many very bad experiences are posted by disappointed artists as comments to the pictures in the EAP Instagram. RUN AWAY

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Hi, A Jazz Jade from the emerging artist platform reached out to me asking if I wanted to join their platform for 29.99. We had a call and it seemed as if I was going to get lots of exposure for my art and be provided a service (including 24 hour pa). After they created an initial web page for me I had no responses to any other contact and they would not make any canes to y webpage. The webpage that was advertised to me indicated that it would be easily accessible however my webpage was virtually unfindable. Since…

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Emerging Artists Platofrm – Avoid

So like so many others, my experience with these guys is not good. I was contacted through Instagram, very impressed with my work, offered me a place on the EAP, I decided to go with, paid my fee and sent off my artwork photos. I even contact Jill Blakely who has exhibited with them, and her experience was fine. She had no complaints about them at all, and sold 3 paintings through them. I seriously think that these people scam the larger majority of people they contact, but some they do work with, makes their outfit look ok on the…

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my experience with EAP – Emerging Artist Platform

Hello, I would like to tell you about my experiences with EAP. First of all, don’t do business with this company! I can only agree with the previous speakers. The contact and behavior is impeccable – until you pay the fee. Lauren contacted me at the beginning. Like you, I initially thought how good the offer of this gallery is. Especially in contrast to all the other galleries out there. After paying the fee, however, I was unable to reach Lauren. All of my emails and Instagram messages went unanswered. I also tried to contact the company through other emails.…

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