Hi, A Jazz Jade from the emerging artist platform reached out to me asking if I wanted to join their platform for 29.99. We had a call and it seemed as if I was going to get lots of exposure for my art and be provided a service (including 24 hour pa). After they created an initial web page for me I had no responses to any other contact and they would not make any canes to y webpage. The webpage that was advertised to me indicated that it would be easily accessible however my webpage was virtually unfindable. Since I created the page and signed up with them, other sales people from their firm contacted me to join them on the platform via instgram. This obviously just unprofessional at the time, but now I see they were just spamming many people as possible on instagram.

I was annoyed and contacted the company for a refund yesterday, as they had done nothing they promised for the money. The same day, given I had heard nothing from them for the best part of 6 months, I then received a suspicious instagram message from Jazz Jade on the 24th of Nov asking if I would like to be included in an art exhibition on the 27/28 Nov (i.e during the national lockdown, 4 days away)

I am so glad I found this chain, as before I thought they were just totally incompetent however when I thought about it twice there was no way I was going to a warehouse in Peckham by myself to drop of my work in the middle of a lockdown when every other reputable gallery was doing online exhibitions using photos of the work. Apparently this exhibition was for London artist only. Clearly they were actually just trying to rob me to either keep me on their platform or just fleece me before I left them!

She asked me that she had heard from subscriptions department I wanted a refund and to cancel my subscription. I had never realised that it was an annual subscription, and at that point asked form subscription to be cancelled.. On instagram I could see she was getting rude & hostile but eventually said my subscription has been cancelled. I have since contacted my credit card company to block any future payments and opened a dispute on the initial £30. I have contacted action fraud & trading standards and advise everyone else to do the same!!!

Even if I’ve I only lost £30, they are clearly approaching artists on instagram and exploiting them. The services promised as advertised have definitely not been delivered, and I am very glad I didn’t send them any art in 6 months or give them any art over this lockdown exhibition.

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