Scam Starvd Art Gallery Singapore

This gallery hits all the marks of a Scam – with connections to an artist (?) Andrew Paton/Leddy ( who claims to be a graduate of the esteemed Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney. A lie. A man with a long history of damaging artists, and many techniques that artists would be advised to brush up on to avoid his scams, or similar scams by other dubious galleries: Artists have reported unpleasant dealings with Starvd Art plus previous galleries.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Andrew Leddy/Paton. I presume you wrote the comment below. Everything written in the original post is true. You are undeniably a thief and a plagiarist and a low-rent bore. I suppose you could argue that the ‘low-rent bore’ description is subjective, but as to your being a ‘thief’ and a ‘plagiarist’, I could get thirty people here in Australia to swear to your being a thief and a plagiarist without raising a sweat. If anyone is interested, please see what this thief was up to in Singapore in 2022. Andrew Leddy (aka Andrew Paton aka James Francis aka Ameer Sohail etc) plagiarised a mural and then entered another artist’s artwork into an art prize claiming the work as his own. See here

  • Anonymous

    Stop perpetuating stalking and hate “anonymous” – leave this guy alone. None of what you say is true. You’re a sad joke and you hide behind social media to spread hate and harm to innocent people for your own ends!

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