Dab Art now Cheating Artists in LA

Yessica Torres is now cheating artists in Los Angeles with her illegal business practices. She has no Gallery Downtown. Her business is online. She uses three different names (Yessinia, Yessica Russel Torres, Yessica Torres de Marin).
She is vile, an alcoholic and uncaring for the artistic community.
The Dab Art LA phone number is 213,260.0556
Dab Art claims Gallery Appointments are available, when they are not.
It’s a shame such a vile person is associated with the artistic community. Our hearts go out to everyone here.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA. Our hearts go out …. about as useful as thoughts and prayers after a masacre. Listen….I have worked with this gallery for years and this characterization is false. Provide some evidence. You just come across very butt hurt. I have been to the LA gallery and to the Ventura gallery several times. I don’t understand how any of these comments are helpful to the community and I challenge you to support the claims with EVIDENCE.

    I was really hoping this forum would be useful. Does this forum not vet any of the comments? How do I search you to ensure you are reputable, sane, and working in the interests of anyone other than yourself?

    • Anonymous

      What kind of professional responds to criticism in such a rude manner? You have left several comments in a row regarding this gallery, in one of them you claim you have “curated many shows professionally”, so I assume you are a professional. How did you find this site?

      You demand evidence from others. Where is yours? Tell us your name and email address or your social media account so we can check you and ask questions.

      It would be interesting to hear why Yessica Torres uses so many different names. Maybe she’ll come here to explain it.

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