Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid

You will not get the exposure you think you will after paying Van Gogh Art Gallery. I signed my contract in October 2020 and paid the 1,000 Euros for the exhibition at the Art3F art show in Brussels in November 2020. Due to COVID, the Brussels show was postponed many times and actually only took place in November 2021. It is important that you know, once you have given Van Gogh the 1,000 euros, they will not refund your money if the show is cancelled or postponed. What they will do is keep stringing you along with promises of getting you into the next show. Due COVIDs impact on international flights, I have no proof Van Gogh fulfilled their contract with me and sent my artwork to Brussels for exhibition. I don’t even have proof my artwork was ever taken out of the shipping crate I sent them in. Particularly, I asked for photographs of my artwork at the Art3F show and they have basically ignored me.

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    Van Gogh Art Gallery is a vanity gallery. Similar to Galeria Azur, Divulgarti Group and M.A.D.S. They make money from entry fees, not from selling art. They approach usually through social media young, beginner and self-taught artists, who don’t know how the art world works and how a gallery like that could affect negatively their resume.
    Any artist can participate as long as they pay. It will give you a pay to play resume. It is not reliable resume. Would you trust any professional who paid for their resume?

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