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The assistant of the curator Loredana Trestin of Divulgarti group contacted me through Instagram and told me that they were impressed by my art and they want to invite me to an upcoming exhibition.

I did my research: It’s a group exhibition in a handbag store in Milan. Yes you read it correctly: a handbag store. It’s called Galleria Cael.

To participate it costs:
– 1°work 350,00 € (for a size up to meter)
– 2°works 600,00 €
– 1°work € 400.00 (if more than one metre per one metre)
– 2°works 700,00 €

I’m not interested in vanity galleries so I declined their offer.

    • Anonymous

      just received the invitation at this instant on Insta. If I am interested to participate in an exhibition. ” I work for Loredana Trestin as her assistant, she is an art curator who works in Genova, Milan, Florence, Rome and Alicante. I am currently working on an upcoming exhibition in Santa Margherita Ligure next to famous Portofino in the end of June. I came across your artwork and I was impressed by your unique style and perspective.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve shown in Rome, Spain, and next month in Florence. They haven’t pressured me at all. A few artists sold their work in Spain. They treated us to a boat ride to the island of Tabarca and the inauguration at the Santa Pola Museum was outstanding with over 100 people who attended. I choose not to sell my art on these events so the pieces can build a resume. Majority of becoming an artists is business. And these businesses that represent emerging artists have costs involved. Have to find the reputable businesses to align with. Divulgarti runs theirs with integrity. An emerging artist has not built a name to draw in people. So the group must do that, which again costs. Business takes investment. I’ve ran shows free and pay to play. Sales aren’t any better when the artists don’t pay.

    • Anonymous

      Artists don’t build their resumes by saving their artwork for themselves. Whoever told you so either lied or you misunderstood something. Nor do artists build a credible resume by purchasing exhibition space from these Vanity Galleries.

      What have you gained from participating in these paid exhibitions? A boat trip? You will only receive more suggestions from similar Vanity Galleries and grifters, not from prestigious galleries, museums and collaborationers.

      Do you use the services of professionals who buy their resumes? For example, would you call a plumber who has bought their resume?

      How did you happen to find this site? This is where artists look for information and disappointed ones share their experiences. You googled this wonderful gallery for some strange reason and came to share your experience? Sorry, you are not credible.

      • Anonymous

        Also I have to add that these Vanity Galleries won’t share their sales figures even when the artist asks for them, because those figures are so terrible. It would be easy to them to publish all sold artworks on gallery’s website or social media with the artist’s name, so the accuracy could be checked from the artist themselves. Sold pieces are accomplishments for the galleries!

        Another Vanity Gallery called Galeria Azur is selling art online (for the time being), where everyone can see they don’t sell any art. Divulgarti and others similar don’t want to provide that service for their artists most likely because of that.

        How many artists of the hundred participated actually sold their art and how many pieces? Show us the prove!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting, they just reached out to me on Instagram too for an exhibit in Spain in March. It sounded too good to be true too vague. The first dm mentioned one museum/gallery then the email mentioned somewhere completely different.

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