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Statement for Artists who have been scammed by #emergingartistplatform to circulate

Artists, have you been approached by the #emergingartistplatform run by #Hansford&Sons? It appears to be a scam. There are two sides to this group a ‘light’ facade with a dark background. There is a small leased gallery in Milton Keynes called Hansford & Sons, that runs exhibitions there and virtually, but even there the selection process appears to be random. Artists are approached usually via Instagram and invited to display work on the #emergingartistplatform. There is a fee for this, but commissions and quantities of work that artists are told they can put up are apparently made up on a…

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EAP poor service

My experience with Hansford and Sons EAP is consistent with others in this thread. Vic was in contact with me daily for nearly a week. When I sent payment all communication stopped. Now one month later my work is still not up on their website. I can only assume that clients will never receive purchased paintings and that I will never be paid. Moving on.

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I received this email and it sounds like a money making machine. I would like to explore with you the opportunity to be featured on We offer the prospect of one interview/review by an art critic chosen by us to be published on for a contribution fee of $ 250.00. About NY-ArtNews: Founded in 2016, the NY-ARTNews is an independent forum and online art magazine focusing mainly on the New York City Arts, Culture, and Art Market Scene. It provides an opportunity for your name and work to reach a larger audience.

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ADC – Art Comes Alive Competition

My art came back from this show destroyed. Their framer wrapped it for shipping and either it was damaged in their gallery or during shipping. Either way – that’s on them. They’ve washed their hands of it. Very unprofessional.

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my experience with EAP

Hello everybody! first of all: thank you very much for this chat! i have the same problems. the contact was good at the beginning, all my emails were answered – until the time I paid the fee. Suddenly nobody contacted me anymore. I contacted my bank today to get the money back. I will also file a complaint. It cannot be that artists are exploited to make money. I can only advise everyone against doing business with EAP.

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The Emerging Artist Platform Hansford & Sons

I too have had problems with them. They are very difficult to get hold of. I sent an email via their website and have never received a reply (only an automated acknowledgement of receipt of my email). The telephone number on their website does not work and google brings up the number as a nuisance caller. The only way I got my page created was by pestering the 2 scouts who originally contacted me through Instagram, (even one of those ignored my request until I made a bigger fuss!) I did consider that maybe they are short staffed because of…

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Galeria Azur Madrid

This gallery contacted me through Instagram. I don’t want to sound rude, but what first caught my eye was the low quality of the artwork they were displaying. That can be disputed of course. It will cost the artist 1000€ to get 2 pieces on display in their physical group exhibition + 1 piece is there in the back room just in case (for what exactly??). The group exhibition lasts about a month. Also you get up to 10 pictures of your artworks for their online exhibition (including the 3 you sent them to the physical exhibition). They put them…

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Dab Art, got accepted but now afraid!

I’ve been reading bad reviews about this gallery, all of their locations. I was curated recently into an upcoming show. I live an hour away and was about to deliver my work for the take-in when I found all the bad reviews.I am supposed to drop off my artwork for a supposed “reception“ but now I’m afraid to do so for fear of wasting my time and maybe not getting my art work back. Did anybody have any good experiences with an actual opening and getting their work back in good condition? Should I just avoid the take-in and reception…

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