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I was also Scammed and Harassed

I was also scammed and harassed by Dab Art Co. We asked the Owner of Dab Art Co. about some specifics after reading the facts here, m and she became enraged, really really angry, and threatened us. Screaming. Beware

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colorida galeria de arte Lisbon

don’t get fooled by their apparently professional approach. This is not a professional gallery. They have a very large space and they just make a living out of the various “artists” they show at once. They tell you it’s a solo show but it’s actually a massive group show. No curato, no press release. Even though they only ask for a refund for the show opening’s drinks (and no drinks have been allowed for two years now, yet they still keep asking) just multiply that amount by eight artists exhibiting at once and then by two because shows are on…

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World of Art (WOA) Contemporay Art Magazine

Hello, can anyone share experiences with World of Art (WOA) Contemporay Art Magazine? It´s a London based company which is publishing a magazine named “La Biennale di Venezia” (ISSN 1404-3408) with 15.000 copies. Thanks for your replies!

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Does anyone have any experience with Joel van Wyk is aggressively emailing artists to join. The website is not related to the physician gallery named Altamira Fine Art. It seems really shady that they are using the same name as the physical gallery when they have nothing to do with each other.

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Arquetopia Oaxaca

I want to share my resent experience with Arquetopia residency . I came to Arquetopia residency on January 17 and on the second day develop cold like symptoms and was ask to do a Covid test ,which nobody ask me before I arrived as well as my vaccination record.Just for my records I did a test back in US and it was negative .This time in Mexico my test was positive ,which makes me think that I got infected from the residency staff ,but they refuse to give me their records. I was waking up at 11:30 pm to let…

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Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid

You will not get the exposure you think you will after paying Van Gogh Art Gallery. I signed my contract in October 2020 and paid the 1,000 Euros for the exhibition at the Art3F art show in Brussels in November 2020. Due to COVID, the Brussels show was postponed many times and actually only took place in November 2021. It is important that you know, once you have given Van Gogh the 1,000 euros, they will not refund your money if the show is cancelled or postponed. What they will do is keep stringing you along with promises of getting…

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Virtual Artists

I’m trying to learn if anyone has experience with Virtual Artists, a UK virtual gallery. I’m thinking it is a vanity gallery, but looking for confirmation of that. Thanks

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Zürcher Gallery

Gwenolee Zürcher calls herself an advocate for women artists but instead of supporting them she is charging them thousands of dollars to be in group shows to support her gallery space. Ladies, don’t do it. BEWARE!

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