Dab Art, got accepted but now afraid!

I’ve been reading bad reviews about this gallery, all of their locations. I was curated recently into an upcoming show. I live an hour away and was about to deliver my work for the take-in when I found all the bad reviews.I am supposed to drop off my artwork for a supposed “reception“ but now I’m afraid to do so for fear of wasting my time and maybe not getting my art work back. Did anybody have any good experiences with an actual opening and getting their work back in good condition? Should I just avoid the take-in and reception altogether?

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    I’ve worked with them. It’s a small operation with an over extended team that splits time between Austin, LA and Ventura. I haven’t had bad experiences, like others have posted. They do sell art, I’ve seen it happen first hand. Yes, they do take submission fees. Sometimes life has gotten in the way of clear or expedient communication, but it’s been over all, an okay experience with them.

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