Galeria Azur Madrid

This gallery contacted me through Instagram. I don’t want to sound rude, but what first caught my eye was the low quality of the artwork they were displaying. That can be disputed of course.

It will cost the artist 1000€ to get 2 pieces on display in their physical group exhibition + 1 piece is there in the back room just in case (for what exactly??). The group exhibition lasts about a month.

Also you get up to 10 pictures of your artworks for their online exhibition (including the 3 you sent them to the physical exhibition). They put them up for sale on ARTSY and ARTSPER too for 12 months.

There’s 30% commission. The artists pays for the shipping to the exhibition and back.

There’s about 30 artists in every exhibition. 30 x 1000€ = 30 000€ per month. Kaching!

Gallery looks nice and everything sounds professional. What’s the problem then? They hardly sell anything as you can yourself check from Artsy. In the best month I counted they sold 3 pieces through Artsy, all from the same artist. If you have any credible evidence that they sell a lot more, please provide it here. When I asked about their sale figures, I got very vague answers.

At their opening it seemed there were mainly artists whose art was exhibited there that time (check reels on their Instagram account). Probably rest of the quests just came for the free wine, because they didn’t buy any art…

There’s also Galeria Azur Berlin, their fee is 1500€ for the same c*ap.

Vanity gallery 100%. No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to everyone who has posted on here about this gallery. I have also been contacted by them via Instagram and immediately suspected they were a vanity gallery. But seeing all of these posts really is helpful. Be very wary peeps!

  • Anonymous

    I received same email from Galeria Azir Berlin. How depressing to find out it’s all a scam. They seemed legit and professional, so did Sophia the curator contacting me. So glad I decided to google.

    So if a gallery is really interested you don’t have to pay for shipping and promos?

    Vanity galleries are bad karma for them not the artist.

    • Anonymous

      Vanity galleries like this their keep expenses to a minimum because they know that the art they present will not sell. It’s because they choose beginners or young artists who haven’t gained experience and recognition yet.
      If you research more closely what kind of artists have collaborated with them, you’ll probably see the reason why their art doesn’t sell. Have you really liked the art this gallery have on display? Would you buy art from the gallery yourself?

      Check also how many followers those artists have on Instagram and how much and what kind of collaboration they have done earlier. Some artists buy their resume. They end up only losing money.

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