I received this email and it sounds like a money making machine.

I would like to explore with you the opportunity to be featured on NY-ArtNews.com
We offer the prospect of one interview/review by an art critic chosen by us to be published on NY-Artnews.com for a contribution fee of $ 250.00.

About NY-ArtNews:
Founded in 2016, the NY-ARTNews is an independent forum and online art magazine focusing mainly on the New York City Arts, Culture, and Art Market Scene. It provides an opportunity for your name and work to reach a larger audience.

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  • Anonymous

    This NY-ArtNews dude lived in a SoHo loft near me and I actually visited and saw his scary operation. The “NY Gallery Show in the heart of NY’s art center” was just a couple of warped stretchers hanging above his kitchen sink, obscured by a line of laundry. Other artists’ work was stored away in various closets and on top of a washing machine. Cat litter crumbs crunching underfoot as you walked around “the gallery”. There were piles of his magazines everywhere. No employees. No real desks. Sleeps on a worn leather sofa spotted with cigarette burns. What he does is simply reprint your own resume or vanity writings (claiming they are written by curator so you feel good about yourself) in a print-on-demand magazine, then, for at least some degree of legitimacy, he drops stacks of the magazines in nearby bodegas and coffee shops where anyone can grab one for free. I’ve seen store owners carrying bundles of these unwanted magazines left uninvited on their doorsteps out to the trash. And, of course, he charges $$$$ to be featured. It’s safe to say that ANY art magazine that charges you to be featured could be considered a legit business model in which you are the costumer. But it’s so very sad and anyone who works in the legit art industry understands this business model, accepts that exists, and is possibly tempted to practice it themselves because it is so profitable. So, when they see a listing on your CV saying you’ve been featured in one of these, they know you are essentially a novice and till learning the hard way not to be taken in by predatory scammers.

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