Statement for Artists who have been scammed by #emergingartistplatform to circulate

Artists, have you been approached by the #emergingartistplatform run by #Hansford&Sons? It appears to be a scam. There are two sides to this group a ‘light’ facade with a dark background. There is a small leased gallery in Milton Keynes called Hansford & Sons, that runs exhibitions there and virtually, but even there the selection process appears to be random. Artists are approached usually via Instagram and invited to display work on the #emergingartistplatform. There is a fee for this, but commissions and quantities of work that artists are told they can put up are apparently made up on a case by case basis, and it is almost impossible to find work unless an artists name is already known. #Hansford&Sons are NOT art experts from London. There is NO gallery in Great Portland Street. London addresses are paid for messaging services and phone numbers don’t work. Information from expert art sites are pasted into #Hansford&Sons web pages to give the impression that they are experts, but they appear to be a group trawling the internet for artists to subscribe to their platform. Once money is paid it is usually impossible to get hold of them, or diverse excuses are given. The director of the company attacks artists who complain. International artists report not being paid for work sold, and buyers not receiving work.

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