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Specto Art Space

I believe “Specto Art Space” holds “call for entry” events and never has actual exhibitions. I applied for a show and didn’t get in, which is okay… BUT they have yet to announce show dates, winners of their call for entries, or any updated information on their website. A friend of mine in the area says the gallery doesn’t exist, or in their defense, may just not be up and running yet. I have contacted a couple places that list their calls to make them aware of the situation. The owner is responsive to e-mail, but it is incredibly fishy…

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Arctic Circle Residency

I was so excited to be accepted to be accepted to the Arctic Circle Residency and the geography of the trip is very beautiful. However, there were so many things wrong that I wanted to let others know. First of all, the Arctic Circle residency does not provide any funding at all; it is completely self-funded – they charge $6,500, but additional costs run another $3,000; gear, travel, hotels, etc. This is probably the same cost if you got some friends and organized a similar trip yourself, something that the shipping company offers. The worst part is that the director…

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ArtStruck Gallery, CYNTHIA HOUPPERT, “Art Agent”

A User sent this in –  – CYNTHIA HOUPPERT, “Art Agent” and former owner of ArtStruck Gallery in Blue Ridge, Georgia. This is still so incredibly painful to discuss —I’m going to provide the facts, but it’s is a lengthy story ; worth your while to read it! I was a novice when I signed with this “art agent” and her gallery. I had NO clue what real agents do for artists; in retrospect I think she got that about me right away & capitalized on it. Long story short, after I’d paid/insured $10K worth of my portfolio to be…

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Art & Sol Studios

A reader sent in the following; Art & Sol Studios 310 NW 25TH St Miami, FL 33127 786-310-3689 Put out an international call for art last year with a deadline of October 14, 2016. It’s title: “Art Basel 2016” a three day event, December 1-31, 2016 in their Wynwood Miami studio to “exhibit during the hottest week in Miami” Art Basel Miami 2016. With a full color catalog to be published of entries submitted to this competition, awards and gift cards. I paid the 42.80 submission fee, 4 stone sculptures were accepted and 2 sculptures as backup incase…

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J. Latimore / Gallery Sensei

Do NOT work with Joseph Latimore of Gallery Sensei, now based on 135 Eldridge Street. He owes me 3K, he owes a friend 9K, he owes people in London 30K and the list goes on and on. He has made a business of hustling artists, curators and anyone trusting enough to give him opportunities and/or work for him. On top of that, his gallery is a pay to play.

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Galerie Bernard Jordan, Paris

A user sent this in – Galerie Bernard Jordan, Paris, did not return one of my unsold artworks after an exhibition. After emailing Jordan many times he finally admitted he could not find it back in any of his storages. He did not offer to pay for it. I was so kind to make him an invoice for less than the amount we had agreed on in case of selling it. But after several reminders he paid only a fraction of that amount. Think twice before you work with this gallery. They maintain a high standard in respect to the…

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Museum of Cultural Arts

An artist sent this in – A particular company to watch out for and AVOID is one called Museum of Cultural Arts, in London, UK (situated at Canary Wharf) and run by a woman called Lorraine Gabriel. Do not have anything to do with her, she is very dangerous. What started out as a linked in contact, with offers to represent me, and host an art exhibition for me in London, became a huge horrible heartbreak. End of 2015, we met in London and she charged me 280 pounds to represent me. A couple of months later, she asked me…

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Starry Night Artist Retreat

A user submitted the following; I would like to report and warn all of an artist residency retreat business called Starry Night Artist Retreat. Be very careful. They offer you a special opportunity called Exposure, to exhibit in Miami, USA or Venice, Italy at art expos. They charge you thousands of dollars and then they pay themselves to fly from where they are to the expo and then if you do something slightly so wrong (in their eyes!) such as converse with an art gallerist (which you should be allowed to do!!!!) they go off at you and run off…

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Superfine Art Fair

Has anyone worked with Superfine Art Fair before? Or know anything about the success of the fair? Any information would be appreciated!

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A reader sent in – Artlimes – a website – they claim they only take a 3.5 commission, and you get to upload 5 artworks for free for review, but the second menu when signing up is asking for your banking information and routing number to your account. WTF? They say they are based in London, but only have one or two likes on their Facebook page posts.

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