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NYC Artwalk

an “art fair” where an organization that claims in it’s own words “is not affiliated with any art collectives nor artist-run organizations” contacts artists via instagram to apply to be displayed at their various exhibition locations. The exhibitions that artists pay for are posters pasted up against scaffolding and the outside border of outdoor dining areas – so in some places, the middle of the street. They target people who are not able to actually see the work in person, i.e international artists from Kenya, etc. Usually these take place nearby where a legitimate art fair is going on. So…

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Worldwide publications

I picked up 3 books which were being given away at no charge on a gallery table in a prime spot at ARTExpo NYC. I saw many fairgoers walk by my booth with the books. Layout and printing were great so I spoke with the curator of the books. She was upfront about prices and deadlines. This is a legit pay to publish company which gives out the books at major art fairs.

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Run away from them. This a big fraud; They charge you the annual fees, and then don’t comply with the promised services, they stop answering your emails. Then, they charge you again the following year even if you have canceled your subscription. Their website is empty : you can’t find cancellation policy, no Terms and Conditions. Phone number is not working. Many very bad experiences are posted by disappointed artists as comments to the pictures in the EAP Instagram. RUN AWAY

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Photographers should think twice about entering LensCulture

This Dutch-based organisation,, run by an American guy in Amsterdam, try to claim to some heavyweight affiliations — I was suckered in by their mention of Magnum, FOAM, and The Guardian — which they have little if anything to do with — and dealing with them was not good. After they pocket your initial fee, their so-called “expert” practitioner “1:1 Reviews” feedback seemed like it had been cut and pasted; it directly contradicted information I’d provided in the bio, showing they didn’t read anything I’d written. I’m not alone in that, it seems, from what I’ve read elsewhere on…

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Dab Art Company has posted one of my photographs for sale for $600 without my knowledge or permission.

Dab Art Company has posted one of my photographs for sale for $600 without my knowledge or permission. To top that, they have stated on their website with my image that they can provide a Certificate of Authenticity for the work. Ha! This is a highly illegal operation. They obtained the work either by taking it off of Instagram or Facebook. This particular image is not on my website and has never been. Beware

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Inigo Philbrick in the mid to late 2000s

I met Inigo Philbrick in the mid 2000s, at a Salon, which his ex landlord and ex boss had organized together. I remember when Inigo spoke, he described so vividly this image of three nuns by the sea (I think it was a painting he had seen), I can still recall the images he created with his description. Anyways. He was very young and, you could tell immediately that he was very bright. Over the following 3, 4 years I hang out with him semi-randomly. Meaning we’d exchange an email once in a while and maybe meet two, three, four…

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PAKS Gallery and MAMAG Museum invite to exhibit at Cannes Film Festival, Art Basel Week and Carrousel du Louvre

I recently received an email from the curator Heinz Playner telling me their curator team was impressed by my work. They sent an invitation and an offer to exhibit my art in 2022 at the MAMAG Modern Art Museum in Austria. Also that the Paks gallery would like to represent me and an offer to participate in the International Fine Biennale Basel, ART BASEL ART WEEK IN 2023, ALSO THE CANNES fILM fESTIVAL, and also in the Carrousel du Louvre. Has anyone been involved with the PAKS Gallery in Vienna or the MAMAG Museum with such an offer? What was…

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emergingartistplatofrm scam

Emergingartistplatform is a scam. They took £29.99 from me and from then on it has been total silence. I can’t phone them and they don’t answer emails. I have advised my bank to block any further transaction with them.

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I came here looking for reviews, info. It is very expensive! But I think a lot of people don’t know how expos work, expos are paid by galleries & artists to have a space in a warehouse/ large conference space etc. Expos cost money, the organizers have to pay spaces, even if they make deals with hotels or whatever, they have expenses of marketing, rentals, promotion, printed materials. It’s not going to be free, and they can get away from not disclosing upfront the cost because it’s understood that to take part in an art fair/expo, you pay the space/…

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