World of Art (WOA) Contemporay Art Magazine

can anyone share experiences with World of Art (WOA) Contemporay Art Magazine?
It´s a London based company which is publishing a magazine named “La Biennale di Venezia” (ISSN 1404-3408) with 15.000 copies.
Thanks for your replies!

  • Anonymous

    World of Art (WOA) Contemporary Art magazine is a creative publishing enterprise focusing on contemporary art scene, from temporary exhibitions to the most cutting edge art spaces, featuring artists from around the world in a contemporary art magazine and collectable bibliophile limited edition art books published and edited by Petru Russu.
    Each WOA publication is a unique, vibrant, and well-designed way to explore the art world while bringing together the best of today’s emerging talent and established artist, to bridge the gap between the contemporary art world and the art lover, providing readers with an in-depth look at the trends and personalities that shape the art world.

    • Anonymous

      Quite an ad Russu has written above. Don’t believe it! WOA is just one of many pay to play art magazines. Some might even say a scam. Anyway you want to put it, you end up losing your money and gain nothing. He’s also behind Art Addiction Online Gallery and media biennial and many many others. You recognize them by the tacky and outdated graphics.

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