colorida galeria de arte Lisbon

don’t get fooled by their apparently professional approach. This is not a professional gallery. They have a very large space and they just make a living out of the various “artists” they show at once. They tell you it’s a solo show but it’s actually a massive group show. No curato, no press release. Even though they only ask for a refund for the show opening’s drinks (and no drinks have been allowed for two years now, yet they still keep asking) just multiply that amount by eight artists exhibiting at once and then by two because shows are on for two weeks. That’s not a bad revenue for them…

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    Warning! I can only warn against this gallery. I never got the 14 works from my exhibition back. When I wanted to return my works and needed the weight and size of the package for the transport company, I suddenly got no answer. It wasn’t until a while later that I received an email telling me that I had exceeded the collection deadline. From my mail history they had deleted my mails asking about the weight and size of the package. After that they stopped responding to my emails. I got in touch with various artists who exhibited there. Many told me about difficulties in retrieving their works.

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