Beware of the scam

Artist Scams Alert

Beware of the scam.
I just want to To denounce the scam of Floriano, the owner of flyer art gallery, I tried to do it on the flyer art group, but unfortunately he blocked me, so I decided to write to my friends to encourage them to warn artists of this crook..
Beware of the scam, in 2020 that owner of flyer art gallery took my participation fees for the New York exhibition. Since then he has been bluffing me, this scammer he even tried to terrify me with his threats and refusing to return my money. he is being sued on justice.
Mourad Elloumi.
Best regards.

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  • Anonymous

    I was victim of Florianao Massera and the flyer art gallery too.

    Don’t trust him, he is a real scammer.

    He promises a lot of things, he takes your money, but there is nothing more.
    He is megalomaniac and mythomaniac

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