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Axiom Gallery or AXIOM Fine Art Consulting

Consultants, Gallery

Axiom Gallery or AXIOM Fine Art Consulting based out of Orlando/Winter Park, FL.

The owner/CEO if this gallery and consulting firm is Russell G (see full name in the website listed above) and use to own HG ARTS (also based in Orlando). He also owned/owns BAD DOG EDITIONS. He single handedly ran his 30+ year old business in to the ground and quit paying artists in 2015 – then bankrupted the business in 2017. No artist knows about any sales or were paid for anything they might have sold between 2015-2017.

He then regrouped and formed AXIOM. Feel free to read more info from employees and artists HERE:
He posts person photos on in personal instagram account going on shopping sprees, traveling the world, constantly sitting in the airport with new Lousi Vutton luggage, and Gucci shoes, posting photos of a Maybach and/or Mulsanne – insinuating that is is going to purchase or is driving.
He is also verbally abusive to artists he use to work with via instagram and DM. He has not had a good reputation in the Art Consulting/Hospitality Industry for quite time time. I’m not sure why people still work with him. I’m sure I don’t know the half of it.
His art consultants have been approaching artists under the guise of working on projects in NYC and Miami right now. Im sure they are legit – but if you ever get paid might be another story. Also, I have heard not to be surprised if he photographs your original work without your knowledge, then tries to make reproductions from it.
I am trying to list the facts and not include any color commentary or emotion when describing this man and his companies.
Just be informed and proceed with caution if you are approached by this company.

Studio Visit Magazine

Consultants, Gallery

I’d like to know if anyone has had an experience with Studio Visit Magazine? Yes it is a pay to play I guess. I had to pay just over $200 in February to be featured in the magazine if I was chosen which I was. So I paid and the magazine was supossed to be out in July and it’s now nearly October and I still don’t have it. I wrote two emails and they never got back to me however I finally got an email in mid to late August saying this: “We appreciate your patience during the past few months as we have been working through turnover, re-direction of responsibilities and production delays; thank you for your toleration during this complex period…. It takes approximately 4 weeks to print and another 4 weeks to ship from overseas. The issues are sent directly to our mailhouse in California where they are distributed to participating artists and our mailing list of over 2,000 recipients.” I finally call them and ask why the digital version was not at least posted because that should only take a couple hours to do and it’s only fair. The lady I spoke to was extremely rude to me and told me they would try to do it within the next couple weeks yet that was three weeks ago. I did finally talk to a couple people that were in previous magazines and I know they did actually get their magazines late also but they did say they got no phone calls. This leads me to wonder if they simply print enough magazines for those who are in it, or do they actually mail them to the 2000 galleries and museums they claim?… I’m beginning to wonder if they are going broke even though they are continuing to collect new money for editions after mine?… Does anyone have any knowledge of this magazine?…



I think I stepped into a scam. Wotisart contacted me saying my works would figure in their monthly magazine.
I ordered some of the magazines (being proud to be in it ? ) but never received anything nor got responses to numerous emails.
Anyone having experience with wotisart magazine or ??

73 See Gallery & Design Studio


i showed there and was promised moving costs to mount a show of metal sculpture.mary scotti refuses to pay now even though i have a signed agreement. thats why i’m taking her lying self to court to recover monies due and court costs. do not do business with this

Miami’s Independent Thinkers


Miami’s Independent Thinkers

Pay for Play. This so called gallery is a complete scam. The front runner for the gallery is a lady named Kerry McLaney. She’s a local Miami resident who hosts an open call for artists every year for Scope Art Fair during Miami’s Art (Basel) Week. She collects all the entry fees of $50 each and then she just picks her close friends to exhibit. Every year she hosts an international call every Art Basel and takes advantage of many artists who do not know their work will not get picked as she collects the money.
Many of my own artist friends have had horrible experiences with her at a show years ago where she sold two of their artworks for the price of one because she was drunk during the exhibit. She refused to pay them for the second artwork sold. I know that she also has a space in Wywnood called Gallery 2612 and I don’t really know how she operates it but as far as the Art Basel/Scope Art fair call to international artists… stay away.

JanKossen Contemporary


JanKossen Contemporary is a pay for play operation. On top of hefty application fees, artists submitting their work for inclusion must pay a $150-$500 hanging fee PER ARTWORK. This is disclosed after being accepted to show. A warning to also avoid Arte Ponte, a sister operation of JanKossen. Work shown at fairs by Arte Ponte hails from artists paying $3,000+ to be there. Booth shares can be ethical, but there is nothing ethical on Jasmin Kossenjans, JanKossen and Arte Ponte. Save the headache.

jplus gallery / j+ gallery


I’d like to report unethical attitude of jplus gallery or j+ gallery in NY and Seoul.
the owner goes by Stella Kim or JungHee Kim

JungHee Kim of jplus gallery was very nice with me but she never sold anything either so apparently I was lucky because at least she does not owe me anything. I know that most of the artists on her website no longer work with her. she’s probably broke.

Dab Art

Consultants, Gallery

Has anyone had any experience with Dab Art, in Ventura CA? I applied for a Call for Entry, which was a request to review artists work for future (and unspecified) exhibitions. The cost was not much, but they also offered a $50 consultation in addition. I paid for both, figuring if I was not accepted I would be better able to determine why.

I received a rejection letter fairly quickly, along with a comment that if I had paid for a consultation I would be contacted shortly. 2 months later I had not heard anything, and figured they weren’t worth working with. I emailed the director of Dab Art asking for a refund of the $50. She was a bit stuffy about it, but said as a courtesy (“which we normally don’t offer”) she would refund my $50, within 90 days.

I’m now wondering if I’ll ever see the refund. Dab Art doesn’t seem to be brick and mortar, but is associated with H Gallery in Ventura.

Does anyone else have any experience, pro or con?

 Contemporary Art Curator (Magazine)


Contemporary Art Curator (Magazine):

We also received an email from this website, stating they are a recognized entity in the art world. I didn’t find any third-party press on them, and when I searched for the staff (editor etc.), the searches didn’t come up with any references at all. The language in the email is also somewhat strange. They do have about 280.000 followers on Instagram, but that’s about it. They boast with huge visitor numbers, which I haven’t been able to corroborate on sites that measure website traffic. They offer three “options” for being featured, ranging from 160-300 USD/year. Has anyone signed with them and received any benefits from that (sales, exposure etc.)?

Links: ;

UAE Art Collector / Global Art Awards / Global Art Agency


Hi, I work for an artist and we have received two “fishy” proposals:

1. UAE Art Collector/Global Art Awards/Global Art Agency – they sent an email pay-to-play proposal to be included in their “Art Book” (cost: between 850-1500 USD). The email made it seem like this is an established publication (published at least once before, in 2017), however, on closer inspection we found out that it has never been published (they keep pushing the deadline). When we asked about last year’s book (there was a call for artists online) – they were dodgy and replied that this is the first one. This enterprise is somehow connected to the Global Art Awards, which are organised by the Global Art Agency (they also organise numerous fairs, all pay-to-play). I wonder if anyone has had any experience with them?