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The Emerging Artist Platform Hansford & Sons

I too have had problems with them. They are very difficult to get hold of. I sent an email via their website and have never received a reply (only an automated acknowledgement of receipt of my email). The telephone number on their website does not work and google brings up the number as a nuisance caller. The only way I got my page created was by pestering the 2 scouts who originally contacted me through Instagram, (even one of those ignored my request until I made a bigger fuss!) I did consider that maybe they are short staffed because of…

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Galeria Azur Madrid

This gallery contacted me through Instagram. I don’t want to sound rude, but what first caught my eye was the low quality of the artwork they were displaying. That can be disputed of course. It will cost the artist 1000€ to get 2 pieces on display in their physical group exhibition + 1 piece is there in the back room just in case (for what exactly??). The group exhibition lasts about a month. Also you get up to 10 pictures of your artworks for their online exhibition (including the 3 you sent them to the physical exhibition). They put them…

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Dab Art, got accepted but now afraid!

I’ve been reading bad reviews about this gallery, all of their locations. I was curated recently into an upcoming show. I live an hour away and was about to deliver my work for the take-in when I found all the bad reviews.I am supposed to drop off my artwork for a supposed “reception“ but now I’m afraid to do so for fear of wasting my time and maybe not getting my art work back. Did anybody have any good experiences with an actual opening and getting their work back in good condition? Should I just avoid the take-in and reception…

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Hi, A Jazz Jade from the emerging artist platform reached out to me asking if I wanted to join their platform for 29.99. We had a call and it seemed as if I was going to get lots of exposure for my art and be provided a service (including 24 hour pa). After they created an initial web page for me I had no responses to any other contact and they would not make any canes to y webpage. The webpage that was advertised to me indicated that it would be easily accessible however my webpage was virtually unfindable. Since…

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Inigo Philbrick

I was friends with Inigo for a couple of years, around 2008/2010, until I was in London. He was one of those friends/acquaintances that you see once in a while and have cool conversations with. I was an arts student at the time, and was having a lot of trouble at my conservative school, and he helped me, read the letters from the school, and gave me some of the best advice I had received on it. I remember I was going to Italy for a short period of time, and he asked if I could look into a wallet…

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Scam Starvd Art Gallery Singapore

This gallery hits all the marks of a Scam – with connections to an artist (?) Andrew Paton/Leddy ( who claims to be a graduate of the esteemed Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney. A lie. A man with a long history of damaging artists, and many techniques that artists would be advised to brush up on to avoid his scams, or similar scams by other dubious galleries: Artists have reported unpleasant dealings with Starvd Art plus previous galleries.

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Galería Azur Madrid: vanity gallery

The usual story: a gallery rep contacted me by email and said she had seen and liked my work, and asked if I wanted to be in a group show. The reason I am posting this is that unlike IT’S LIQUID and similar well-known scams, this one is a new gallery in Madrid that has apparently been around in Argentina, their home country, for a while. The director seems to belong to a well-to-do family, and they have a substantial following on instagram. So, for just a minute or two, I thought for once it wasn’t the usual hoax. HA!!…

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Laguna Art Gallery

Anyone have any info on Laguna Art Gallery? I think they are associated with New York art, Townely gallery, Gallery 104. I believe this is a scam at this point. Amy Martinez contacted me back in March to have a live page to sell for $250. I paid, and still waiting for page to go up. Someone else contacted me Sonny Shenhan, as “lead Curator” and was supposedly taking care of it… Still waiting. They have my money, but no art thank goodness. Would love to hear anyone else experiences…

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