Van der Plas Gallery

I was contacted by this gallery via Instagram. It is a brick and mortar site. I got suspicious because my art doesn’t look anything like what they have displayed in the past. The charge large fees up front per piece
● ​1 painting/drawing/print, up to 14” x 11” $150 ● ​1 painting/drawing/print, up to 24” x 18” $200 ● ​1 painting/drawing/print, up to 40” x 30” $250

And of course there are other fees and 50% commission

I didn’t take Adriaan Van der Plas up on the invitation

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the reviews, I was also contacted by the gallery. but I am interested to know if anyone here has experience in actually dealing with the galley i.e displaying work in the gallery or selling work with the gallery? I appreciate your concerns and honesty, but if nobody here has gone forward with a submission and has first hand experience then these reviews leave little to go by. I am still undecided but I haven’t ye found any negative reviews from various sites other than here, I’m still unsure whether to right Van Der Plas off as simply a vanity gallery.

  • Anonymous

    I have been contacted the same way.
    And as I was in a rush, I declined for this time but I suggested passing by….
    Never had answer to my email to get infos for next exhibitions…. Not good….

  • Anonymous

    Yes often unsolicted messages/emails from galleries like that with big fees usually mean they are just vanity galleries and not in the best interests of you or your art, only for profit. Thank you for the heads up on this gallery.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Me you and the fence post this is a vanity gallery supported by family money, not a client list.

    While you certainly can’t blame a gallery for trying selling wall space for a space that doesn’t do art fairs, has passive pass thru traffic And a limited understanding of social media as a sales tool is a challenge at best

    There’s a lack and poverty culture here. Avoid.

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