If you’re approached by “Gallerist” Marco Antonio Patrizio – Run!

It’s been a few years now. I was approached by italian gallerist Marco Antonio Patrizio who ran his gallery from Padua not far from Venice.
Apparently he found me on Instagram. Besides running this gallery Mr Patrizio also attended various art exhibitions in different cities throughout Italy.
We agreed on 5 of my pieces to be exhibited in Genua for a start and then to evaluate after Genua for a possible future collaboration. Nothing sold at the Genua exhibition and that’s OK. He brought my paintings back to his gallery in Padua (at least I think so) I asked for images and feedback from both Genua and his gallery in Padua but got nothing but short messages with different excuses about this and that. I finally had it with Mr. Patrizio and asked him to return my paintings. Didn’t hear a word from him for 18 months. Then I read about Mr. Patrizio being a fraud wanted by the police. So I randomly sent him a text message telling him what I have read and that I was considering filing a police report on him. Two weeks later two of my paintings was sent back to me. That’s 2 years now and I still don’t know where thw remaining 3 paintings are – sold? I don’t know. BUT – If ever approached by Marco Antonio Patrizio, remember my story and RUN!

  • Anonymous

    The problem is doesn’t work alone. Report him to your Padova police in Italy and to actionfraud online. There are many other complaints and hopefully they’ll close in on them

  • Anonymous

    Bonjour,j’ai aussi été arnaqué par cette « galerie « ,la personne me disait s’appeler Jacopo mais je pense que c’était bien le même et un mensonge.Même contrat que ce que j’ai lu,300 euros et 2 œuvres et plus aucunes nouvelles.Jamais vu son visage,j’ai hésité longtemps avant d’envoyer l’argent et les toiles et ai pourtant recherché mais je ne trouvais rien donc j’ai eu confiance et n’aurai pas dû.Je voudrais porter plainte mais pas sure que ça serve à grand chose.Mais je souhaite signaler afin que d’autres personnes ne se fassent pas avoir.

  • Anonymous

    Hope you can find out this comment, I just faced same situation. if you hadn’t report him yet please do!!
    report him to Your country Embassy in Italy and police where you are and police in Italy Padova

    I will leave email address of police padova head quater

    Police Headquarters of Padua
    Piazzetta G. Palatucci, 5 – 35123 PADOVA (Where are we)
    phone: 049833111
    email: dipps157.00f0@pecps.poliziadistato.it

    with the baking trasfer evidence and conrtact and instagram DM screen shot to proof how he contact you asking money and disappeared lets report him kand find out!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve also reached by “Context Art Gallery” on the Instagram.
    the person who gave me DM doesn’t reveal he’s name and also ask me to ship 2 of my artwork with contract that says I have to give him 300€ for the artfair participation fee.
    I did not send the money cuz it seems like a scam to me but any of you who reached by this Gallery RUN!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been in the same situation. I searched for reviews on his gallery and got the info here. He seems to change his tactics.
      Thank you for posting updated situation.

  • Anonymous

    He has approached me too last week. Same stories as above, wanting to take 2 of my works for 3 international art fairs, sent me a contract which asks for 300 euros. Also sent me two videos from a gallery where you can hear him talking, but he doesnt show his face. Also hasnt revealed his name. I havent sent him any work or money, as I wanted to do some research first. I’m so glad I did. He appears very convincing.

  • Anonymous

    I got approached by Context Art Gallery a couple of weeks ago. First contact was via Instagram, and what strange was he die not reveal his name in writing but every time I asked him to tell me his name, he send me voice messages. He introduced as Marcio not Marco, though, I got a feeling that he was not being honest.

    I was just wanted to see how this goes and so I transferred 300 euros of advisory fee. When he received the money he shared his phone number finally. But again, the way the communication with him went was somehow strange and for certain questions from my side he did not answer. That gave my impression even stronger that he was hiding something, or at least not being honest.

    Even from the beginning he did not ask me anything such as my artistic background, concept of the work and such, but just keep asking me when I could sign the contract and when I could ship the work. Very strange.

    Today, I wrote him that I do not want to collaborate with him and also told that what I read here. Of course, he has not given me any responses since then. No surprise.

    I am not sure if he was Marco Antonio Patrizio, but kind of convinced that it was him in regard to the result of google image search and the face he showed just briefly on our video meeting which I insisted to have at least once.

    I am sharing this information only as a soft warning since what I am loosing is just 300 euros of fee, as I have not sent the work yet. I still have his phone number and if this would help some of investigation with the police, I would share it.

    It is certainly not a nice feeling. Honestly I feel myself stupid. I hope no more people feel the same because of this case.

  • Anonymous

    I too have recently been scammed by this man, via his gallery ‘’context art gallery, Venice’
    Any further info on how to track him down would be useful

    I want my art back at the least!!!

    • Anonymous

      I was recently approached by “Context Art Gallery” from Venice Italy on IG, asking to show 2 of my pieces at 3 international art fairs for 2 years. Is this the same experience that you had?

      • Anonymous

        So sad to hear that.. Context art gallery approached me.. Same situation here. Few days ago I sent 300euro to him, but no more answer from him.. He sent me gallery’s video and I trust him and he demand contract paper and portrait photo, and I sent him… I really regret and I want my 300euro back..
        He gave me his whatsapp id but no answer yet. He said his name is Jacopo Ceo.
        This is so strange situation.

    • Anonymous

      I got tricked too and am left with no news anymore, he’s just vanished. Am not sure what is the best action to do since he’s got my money and I’d like to have it back. Any recommendation? Cheers

      • Anonymous

        I was scammed by Marco Antonio as well. He never returned 4 of my paintings. It’s been 5 years since he got them. I want to stop him from doing it to other artists. If you want to collaborate with me on that, please contact me on Instagram Myalteregorealme Ira Kremer

        • Anonymous

          This so-called CONTEXT ART GALLERY Gallery is a scam. They steal from artists by making them believe that they will exhibit them. They demand money and send a fake contract. Once the money is sent, no more news! Be careful, it’s theft

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