If you’re approached by “Gallerist” Marco Antonio Patrizio – Run!

It’s been a few years now. I was approached by italian gallerist Marco Antonio Patrizio who ran his gallery from Padua not far from Venice.
Apparently he found me on Instagram. Besides running this gallery Mr Patrizio also attended various art exhibitions in different cities throughout Italy.
We agreed on 5 of my pieces to be exhibited in Genua for a start and then to evaluate after Genua for a possible future collaboration. Nothing sold at the Genua exhibition and that’s OK. He brought my paintings back to his gallery in Padua (at least I think so) I asked for images and feedback from both Genua and his gallery in Padua but got nothing but short messages with different excuses about this and that. I finally had it with Mr. Patrizio and asked him to return my paintings. Didn’t hear a word from him for 18 months. Then I read about Mr. Patrizio being a fraud wanted by the police. So I randomly sent him a text message telling him what I have read and that I was considering filing a police report on him. Two weeks later two of my paintings was sent back to me. That’s 2 years now and I still don’t know where thw remaining 3 paintings are – sold? I don’t know. BUT – If ever approached by Marco Antonio Patrizio, remember my story and RUN!


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