Has anyone had any experience with Art.Number23, uk based gallery and virtual exhibition space?

Thank you

  • Anonymous

    1. I asked for a letter from Athens gallery just to confirm I had Exhibition with them , They asked me to compose the letter and then they review and sign it, I told the I have deadline and need it very soon! It was ready just for fill the gaps and , paste in letterhead and sign!). They didnt reply back.
    2.My work arrived late To Athens and they were not available to received it and took 3 weeks to take it from post (I followed up many times by email and they notice me 1 week after they recieved it), during that 1 month I was very stressed what happened to my art work.
    3. I asked Athens Gallery to send the artwork to Barcelona, the event date was sooner than Athens, I emailed many times but they didn’t answer, I asked Laura from Barcelona to email them, she mentioned they didn’t answer her email either! wasted my time about 2 months and they said send Barcelona another artwork! its time consuming for us to send your artwork. first exhibition They displayed 44 of my 70 pieces and not on wall, on a table like a corpse, they have numbers and must be in specific directions but they didn’t bother to put them even in the right direction! then mentioned we exhibit your artwork again! they did but still in poor way! I prepared a paper template and the install was so easy.
    5. since 30 October (46 days till now) I emailed the Barcelona Group 4 times and asked about their next event(I paid for that!). no reply back yet!!!!
    I am really worry about my artwork and the money I paid for the barcelona and tokyo exhibition!

  • Anonymous

    I seem to be the odd one out here, but I had a good and easy experience exhibting with them in Barcelona. Although the owners / gallery staff didnt make any effort to talk to artists on the opening night, which is the only flaw I found.

  • Anonymous

    Totally unprofessional to deal with, Laura Sottosanti has been the least professional person I’ve ever had to deal with in my career. Avoid, they are criminals and will get what they deserve in time. I think they just sell the art and keep the money for themselves.

  • Anonymous

    I have been participating in one of their shows in Barcelona. To date, I have never received my at back despite numerous of emails, requests, and so on. They have 4 paintings from me that are worth thousands, as any artist I cannot bear the loss of my work. I would NOT recommend working with them, at all!

  • Anonymous

    Appreciate these replies and the consistency of each one. I was actually browsing and found the “holy art” to be quite compelling. Thanks for letting me know otherwise. Seem to be quite a few disgruntled artists here. Seems like finding a way to make our own exhibition would be a nice F**K Y** to these scammers. How all’s well all!

    • Anonymous

      Now operating as The Holy Art . Com At Art.Number23 I found them through artsnet and on their very first opening show I exhibited a 1/1 exclusive ceramic I made that is impossible to ever make again and it was stolen by Constantine.
      He denied even seeing it at first claiming a cleaner threw it out, after I got artsnet involved suddenly that changed to I will hunt up and down on all floors “I may have misplaced it”

      It never shown up and he ceased replying to artsnet communication and soon stopped replying to me.

      One of my biggest art losses happened by exhibiting at The Factory and I can’t believe I came across it under the new name The Holy Art tonight while looking for Chinese Art galleries with international exchanges!!

      So far from HOLY that much I will tell you, and I SERIOUSLY hope nobody else falls to Constantine and his scamming ways.

      “It’s actually funny but, when I realised how much of a RED ALERT he is, was when I went to the opening and took a cig break, he came downstairs too,.
      Now I at the time was a raging substance misuser and can talk the legs of a donkey. When I saw his hands shaking and the sniffling I suddenly thought “oh Nooooo. He’s a raging coke fiend”, and then he started chatting at me. Not with me! Talking absolute conkers…blah blah blah waffle waffle and nothing was in relation to my first question!

      that was the moment I thought, my artwork is seriously at risk here. My treasured ceramic casting of a Jeffrey West boot. Sentimental and with a high value, still another week to go of the show so no way could I take it home on the train to Manchester from London and that was my very first art exhibition experience

  • Anonymous

    Back to Art Number 23 and it’s open call to Rome, which is not featuring on the website:
    I am being chased for payment, which is fair enough, but to each of my requests for info/assistance on shipping I get a variety of answers from not understkng what I say, find out yourself or we have sent it. I note that in an email of 6 Feb:We are currently working with the gallery in Rome, in order to make all the arrangements about the transportation/shipping of the artworks and any printing/framing servicesthat some artists may need. We will send you a PDF with all the necessary information very shortly!
    I haven’t received this info and am told that it has been issued. I have asked for it to be sent again …
    I was advised that the shipping information had been sent to those artists who have paid.
    I also note that Rome is not mentioned in their website, and that the London office is currently closed.

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