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Hello! Has anyone had any experience with Art.Number23, uk based gallery and virtual exhibition space? Thank you

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Banditto gallery

Likewise I received an invitation from Roy Ockers of Banditto GAllery, to their artist residency in Tuscany. I came across the ‘gallery’ on Linked In, but had reservations about the validity of their invitation… and now their fee is increased to €49. Glad to hear others comments regarding this ‘gallery’ and sorry that some have lost money applying for the residency.

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Is Sonia Monti Gallery trustworthy?

I have received an invitation from Galerie Sonia Monti from Paris, to participate to a collective show over a whole year at no cost, other than the shipping of the artworks at the Gallery on the announced day. The invitation was kinda “too-nice-to-be-true”. Read the contract several times and could not find any flaws to it. Shipped the works and then received a message from a company called “Art Now Défiscalisation”, stating that in order my artworks to be showcased at the Sonia Monti Gallery and allegedly presented to some art-buyer companies, I was to pay a “membership” worth 950…

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DAC Concepts Miami Florida

Please I need to hear any experiences you have had with DAC Concepts Miami, Florida. I was approached and told that if I pay a fee of $350 I could exhibit a 10×10 inch artwork at Design+ at the Hyatt Regency but there is no mention of Design+ on the Internet and when I went into the webpage of the hotel there is no mention of this event either. The person who contacted me was Maria Apostolidis and she said they sell art online and also in Dubai, London, Berlin and China. Maria Apostolidis Founder | Owner d | a…

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