Does anyone know anything about Hansford Global Art E.A.P. or Emerging Artists Platform?

One of the curators reached out to me on Facebook. I haven’t seen anything on them. Hansford and Sons is an art investment firm…don’t think they are affiliated?

  • Anonymous

    I joined this group in August, they said 15 day turn around for my page yet it still isn’t up. Been messaging Libby from the page yet she keeps saying that she’s emailing the people who make the page and I don’t get any emails from the people, I’m starting to feel like this place isn’t right or something. Im starting to want my money back

    • Anonymous

      You’ve been ripped off. Tell your bank you’ve been scammed and ask them to get your money back. They watch these posts though so you might be offered an exhibition now to keep you sweet. They use all sorts of tactics to keep up their appearance and avoid bad reports.

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