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Please I need to hear any experiences you have had with DAC Concepts Miami, Florida. I was approached and told that if I pay a fee of $350 I could exhibit a 10×10 inch artwork at Design+ at the Hyatt Regency but there is no mention of Design+ on the Internet and when I went into the webpage of the hotel there is no mention of this event either. The person who contacted me was Maria Apostolidis and she said they sell art online and also in Dubai, London, Berlin and China. Maria Apostolidis
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    As the previous respondent said, don’t do pay-to-display. It seems so tempting in the beginning, just hand over some cash and an international gallery will display your work at an international art fair! Doesn’t work .. once they have your money their job is over. Why should they then try to sell your work? My wife tried a couple three years ago and it’s a very expensive way to get a line on a Résumé (which can quite possibly come back to bite you in the backside later on as most genuine, reputable galleries are not impressed by a CV full of pay-to-display exhibitions).

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