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Hi, I work for an artist and we have received two “fishy” proposals:

1. UAE Art Collector/Global Art Awards/Global Art Agency – they sent an email pay-to-play proposal to be included in their “Art Book” (cost: between 850-1500 USD). The email made it seem like this is an established publication (published at least once before, in 2017), however, on closer inspection we found out that it has never been published (they keep pushing the deadline). When we asked about last year’s book (there was a call for artists online) – they were dodgy and replied that this is the first one. This enterprise is somehow connected to the Global Art Awards, which are organised by the Global Art Agency (they also organise numerous fairs, all pay-to-play). I wonder if anyone has had any experience with them?


  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone! Important information!!!

    Joelle Dinnage owner of Global Art agency who scammed so many artists changed her name. Now she calles herself – Juliette Leon.

    Now she represent herself as Certified Energy Healer, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Coach and Homeopathy Specialist, and soon to be doctor in in naturopathic medicine!!!!

    Her new scam business called Happy Soul Marbella.


    She gave ”appointments” in Calle Mendoza 4, Old Town Marbella
    Inside the Nail Room

  • Anonymous

    Joelle Dinnage, Global Art Agency is a SCAM!!!!!! They took a lot of artist money since 2019 and ghosted everybody till now. No art fairs organised up to today too but in the email she kept lying by saying they are preparing the best art fair for all the artists. Artists who paid them as far as 2019 lost all their money till now! I personally lost my money too as tokyo international art fair is not happening. And Joelle Dinnaged dare to thrreatened us artists that she will sue us with a lawyer…. crazy b*

    • Anonymous

      Attention! Tokyo International Art Fair is not going to happen!!!Global Art Agency is a huge scam!! We called to venue, and it’s not even booked!!! Website is down and on Instagram, she deletes the dates of the event. She wouldn’t sue nobody! She is afraid of artists, she closes all she instagrams and all time change her location in Linkedin from Dubai to USA.
      In fact, I discovered she hides in Marbella, Spain. Joelle Dinnage is scammer and international criminal, so she will be finish in prison!!

  • Anonymous

    Please be aware Global Art Agency owner Joelle Dinnage now is organising NFT ART EXPO TOKYO / DUBAI / AMSTERDAM

    Global Art Agency owner Joelle Dinnage scammed dozens of artists and now is reported to authorities.

    She closed all GAA website, canceled all events and did not give money back to us artists.

  • Anonymous

    Global Art Agency has taken deposits from Artists and then ghosted them!! WARNING!!! They have done this for Amsterdam and Oxford!! Now they are also promoting Tokyo.

    I paid for a booth for Amsterdam Art Fair 2022, and I still haven’t heard back from them. They blocked me on social media and didn’t answer my emails. Now they even deleted their website.
    The Owner of Global Art Agency is Joelle Dinnage. Joelle Dinnage is scammer. Now she hides that it’s her agency. She deletes this info from Linkedin and her website. She provides now services to artists, stay away this woman is a scammer.

    I will report them to the police.

  • Anonymous

    What about the founders and members of global art awards are they all fake and what about the partners and the event of last year and they do state that it’s a new book on the link you posted right ??
    I had a similar email but they said it was her future artists new art book it might be a scam and actually the winners don’t win anything but An oscar worth nothing ?.
    But is it a scam?
    Maybe its easy way to make money But overall it’s the same as a scam

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