Galleria Huuto

I was looking for exhibition opportunities in Nordic countries and found out a gallery in Helsinki, Galleria Huuto, apparently is “an independent artist run collective” managing three spaces and receiving funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, however it charges fees from 500€ up to 1500€ for a three week exhibition period. Does any finnish artist out there that know more about Galleria Huuto?

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  • anonymous

    Galleria Huuto is quite highly appreciated gallery in Finland. Actually it’s not easy to get your artwork there to be displayed. You need to fill an application. Not all artists who apply are chosen to display there.
    It’s quite common in Finland that you need to pay some fee, but galleries like Huuto are not vanity galleries, because art there is very high quality and they don’t approach artists. Artists need to approach them and sent an application.
    There are no full blown vanity galleries in Finland yet, but few fishy ones for sure. Galleria Huuto is not one of them.

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