Pashmin Art Gallery – Hamburg

I applied to the Pashmin Art Gallery for a group exhibition in Beijing. It will take place in an art museum. The gallery sent me an email with an extensive application form. It took me a lot of time to fill it out. Nowhere I could find information the costs. The gallery accepted my application and an assistant phoned me a few times. Then the gallery owner spoke to me and told me that I had to pay the shipping costs from Germany to Beijing and back. It was € 8,200, no matter how big the works were. Each of the 45 participants should pay the same. The gallery sent me the contract and a list of the costs. Instead of 1 exhibition, I should get 3, one in Beijing, one in their gallery in Shanghai and one in Hamburg. I should become artist of the gallery for one year. They couldn’t guarantee sales at the first exhibitions. They wanted a 30% commission. The cost schedule for the exhibition was very flat. It said, among other things, that I would have to pay 2 x 650 € gasoline costs! I wondered what I should pay this for …

I then spoke to artists who worked with the Pashmin Art Gallery. They advised me against it because the gallery asked for more and more money for its services, which was not agreed. The claims should have been up to € 25,000 (!!!!). It was also said to have been difficult to get their works back.

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