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Laguna Art Gallery

Anyone have any info on Laguna Art Gallery? I think they are associated with New York art, Townely gallery, Gallery 104. I believe this is a scam at this point. Amy Martinez contacted me back in March to have a live page to sell for $250. I paid, and still waiting for page to go up. Someone else contacted me Sonny Shenhan, as “lead Curator” and was supposedly taking care of it… Still waiting. They have my money, but no art thank goodness. Would love to hear anyone else experiences…

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I was contacted by them

I was contacted by EAP. I was curious so i did a little on line research. It seems there are a fair number of people dissatisfied with their dealings with EAP. That can be true of any business that there are dissatisfied customers. My next step was to look at the work featured by them. Honestly speaking as a professional artists who has been making art for over 50 years and teaching over 30 years the artwork I saw was some of the most amateur work I had ever seen. Maybe EAP is a legitimate business but I have to…

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Emerging Artists Platform

I have been approached by Lauren on Instagram telling me how much she loves my artwork asking if I would be interested in joining her team of artists selling their works. I of course like a lot of you was very interested. I almost went ahead and wrote back to her. Decided to do a little research first. I just wanted to say thank you for your messages. I’m sorry Stop hear the awful experiences you have been having. But it a big thank you to you other people won’t be going through the same. Hopefully more people will do…

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Italian gallerist, Marco Antonio Patricio, major scam

Fellow artists! I want to raise a huge red flag for Italian gallerist, Marco Antonio Patricio. I signed up with him to show my work at various art fairs in Italy. I sent him 5 paintings to exhibit. I asked him repeatadly for feedback and images from the fairs, but received none. I terminated our collaboration and asked him to return my paintings of which he sent 2 The remaining 3 are still in his possession and he is nowhere to be reached. All channels we used to communicate through are erased. I’ve later learned that he is wanted by…

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Bad behavior by many in the Art world

Thank you for providing this way overdue space/opportunity to voice the unprofessional scams in the art world Galleries, dealers, agents, collectors etc Make it more accessible and visible for artists to express their horror stories and experiences so that others can be forewarned‼️ Actual names of individuals should be included to expose them and make their bad behavior known

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This is a site that gets its content only from users like you. (It’s getting over 300 views an hour now) These are positive and / or negative reviews of galleries, art fairs, consultants, writers, online pay to play offers, residencies and more – all written by artists so that other artists can beware of situations where institutions treat artists badly, or that end up costing the artist money or are outright scams. However, it is important to note that “member” or “artists run” spaces are cooperatives and not in the same category as vanity or “pay-to-play” galleries. If You Were…

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