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      • Anonymous

        NYA Gallery keeps emailing me and contacting me through Instagram. Email is from NYAFAIR, TriBeCa, says there located at 7 Franklin Place, New York, NY. Seems fishy to me. I googled their curatorial fee and saw fees from $249 to $150 (if art is accepted), plus artist is responsible for shipping up and back. Anyone know anything? Thanks!

          • Anonymous

            NYA has many names, they should all be listed. They seem to re-brand every few months. Most recent is NYA ART Center, and the owner, Shane Townley also runs something under the same address Townley Studio. For $250 per painting per show, he must be doing good $. They make believe foreign artists on facebook that the nice looking crown statue and space is the gallery but that entire space belongs to a neighbor office and has nothing to do with them. Most of the gallery space is in the basement and is a major fire trap. I know several people who’s art works were not displayed as agreed or missing.

  • Joel Clark

    There is a Singapore based gallery named Laaab, of whom contacted me after exhibiting at The Other Art Fair. After 10 months of signing with them (school boy error) they have only managed to add a profile picture of me to their website. I even sent them an original artwork (even bigger school boy error!) along with some prints. I have over this period chased them up to find out what has been happening – only to be given a string of excuses about new management and building new websites… that’s when they eventually reply! I have been dealing with someone called Xuan Lee, and upon asking for my artwork to be returned, the replies have stopped. If anyone is approached by this useless (most likely scamming) operation, please avoid, or even report, the gallery with the widest berth possible. If anyone else has had an experience with them, please comment.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I would like to report attitude of Nude Tin Can gallery from St Albans, UK. It’s a scam! The owner sells works of artists and never pays them! One fellow artist had to chase her 6 months, she never responded her on the phone and emails. She rents artworks of artists to the hotels and restaurants and she doesn’t pay to artists for that either.! They ruined my 10.000 euros worth artworks and they doesn’t want to resolve it in a proper way despite our contract. They were always inventing things, one of them was that they never agreed to show my work! Very rude and abusive, do not work with them!

  • Anon

    I had a bad experience with Creative Debuts and not just me but two of my artist friends. They damaged some work and blamed it on their friend who they were no longer talking to, they also lost two pieces. I ended up sending them an invoice but not for the sale price as I didn’t think they would pay as they weren’t accepting responsibility, so they ended up paying for the cost price of prints. My friends also had work lost and damaged without any compensation. Artwork gets exhibited in offices across London and the artists receive no money. I never made a sale either. They are a pair of chancers who aren’t from an art background and admitted to me they know nothing about art.

  • Dale

    Recently I’ve received a number of emails via my website that read like this:

    Hello ,
    I came across your page and i must confess that your photographic works are quite aesthetic and I feel you will be perfect for our Fashion and Lifestyle Photo Shoot gig.
    I’m compiling a shots for [never heard of] Magazine “fashion page” segment and the online fashion magazine is looking for a seasoned professional and reliable photographer who want to create stunning images to feature on our website. We are particularly looking for outdoor and urban looks.
    Please let me know if you will be interested in this job so i can get back to you with more details. contact me via email [redacted]

    The first sign of a scam is when they don’t use your name. Makes me immediately suspicious. Bad punctuation & grammar from a ‘magazine editor.’ The message reads like generic ‘bait.’ I did reply to one of these with, “sounds interesting, tell me more’ and got no reply. All the rest I’ve simply blown-off.

    Has anyone else received emails like this? If so, did it turn out to be anything other than a scam?

    • Steve

      Over the past 2 years, I have received numerous offers as well. Clearly a scam operation some type. When I replied once for more information, it was clear that this was a bogus opportunity and would eat way too much of my time than it was worth.

  • Seth Randal

    I have been the attempted target of internet scams twice by people saying they saw my website and wanted to buy pieces. Both times I was wise enough to figure out what was going on. I’ve been approached again by a woman named Tracy Christian; naturally I’m very wary. She wants to buy 3 paintings, lives on n Egg Harbor Township, NJ and I was wondering if anyone has has any experience with her or has heard of her. Many thanks.

      • Paul Messink

        Yes! And if it’s an international check, it may take weeks to clear completely. Even if the money goes into your account, the bank will remove it a few weeks later if they discover it’s a bad check.

        Also, if a customer “accidentally “ sends too much money and asks you to return the difference, it’s even worse. You’ll lose your money twice!

        • Ireen Shcherbakova

          Wooow!! Unbelievable..

          Dear Paul, thank you very much indeed for this warning, really valuable info. The money is on your bank account- I’d never doubt the buyer and for sure lost the amount twice.
          Thanks again. God bless you.

          Kind regards, Ireen.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your advice. I’ve received more emails from this woman and her grammar and spelling gets worse with each email. She now says her husband wants to pay with a cashiers cheque. When I asked her how she came across my website she skirted the issue. Clearly a scam. I would love to know how these people target me. This makes the 4th time in about a year.

  • Ramiro

    Hello Brainard
    I found a post on that brilliant blog “The painter keys” that might be useful for artists who want to be polite and reply to dubious queries by galleries, magazines, dealers who are interested to promote their work. Is a template letter that can be modified accordingly. The post reads:

    Inquiry your artwork NOVEMBER 30, 2018

    Dear Artist,

    You may, like me, have received an email from Florida this week titled, “Inquiry your artwork.” The letter says you are talented and that there’s an artist agency interested in representing you. This agency offers “gallery exposure,” “multimedia marketing,” “art book artist profiles” and “art fair exhibitions.” The letter includes links to a PDF brochure and a website.

    In an effort to save you some time, I’ve drafted a reply. You can feel free to make your own changes.

    “Hi ____________,

    Thanks for your message and the links to your brochure and website. Your materials clearly state that you take zero commission on artwork sales, but I wasn’t able to find any specifics regarding your business model. A little digging on Google has shown that you charge a fee of $5995.00 for showing two pieces at a time in your gallery for one year, a two-page profile in a double issue of your magazine and a quarter wall at two art fairs under your gallery banner. Commissions are not charged until the fee amount is met. After that, you charge a 25% commission on artwork sales. Please let me know if this is correct — as I mentioned, I had to look for this information in online artist reviews.

    Since your business is not based on commissions for sold artwork, I fear there’s no real incentive for you to nurture collectors, who are a backbone of financial survival for artists. A vague, predatory email that attempts to exploit an artist’s legitimate need to exhibit and find gallery representation clutters an already challenging professional landscape. Artists thrive when they work with gallery partners who are passionate about supporting both artists and collectors over a lifetime of professional development, creative growth, expression, archival support and cultural enrichment.

    Please consider changing your business model to one that truly recognizes the value of artists and collectors — one based upon conscientious and ethical programming, not fees.”



    You can see the full post on The Painter keys blog here:

    With regards


    Axiom Gallery or AXIOM Fine Art Consulting based out of Orlando/Winter Park, FL.

    The owner/CEO if this gallery and consulting firm is Russell G (see full name in the website listed above) and use to own HG ARTS (also based in Orlando). He also owned/owns BAD DOG EDITIONS. He single handedly ran his 30+ year old business in to the ground and quit paying artists in 2015 – then bankrupted the business in 2017. No artist knows about any sales or were paid for anything they might have sold between 2015-2017.

    He then regrouped and formed AXIOM. Feel free to read more info from employees and artists HERE:
    He posts person photos on in personal instagram account going on shopping sprees, traveling the world, constantly sitting in the airport with new Lousi Vutton luggage, and Gucci shoes, posting photos of a Maybach and/or Mulsanne – insinuating that is is going to purchase or is driving.
    He is also verbally abusive to artists he use to work with via instagram and DM. He has not had a good reputation in the Art Consulting/Hospitality Industry for quite time time. I’m not sure why people still work with him. I’m sure I don’t know the half of it.
    His art consultants have been approaching artists under the guise of working on projects in NYC and Miami right now. Im sure they are legit – but if you ever get paid might be another story. Also, I have heard not to be surprised if he photographs your original work without your knowledge, then tries to make reproductions from it.
    I am trying to list the facts and not include any color commentary or emotion when describing this man and his companies.
    Just be informed and proceed with caution if you are approached by this company.

    • Nancy Hart

      Hello, This about an artist residency that was
      a total mistake misleading scam. The Art Letters and Numbers in Averill Park NY State turned our to be a false advertising hyped up discusting crack like shit house . The director is an arch.proessor! At Cooper Union the board and people involved print out like an uber intellectual forum. Way way higher learning and well read group. I chose this rez. For its locations I could drive there and fill my car with supplies instead of flying and scrstching around for supplies like I did at Arte Studio Ginestrelle in Italy! It was super cheap to go.. I should have known.. I arrived to a big old crumbling decaying house in no where, the sign was on the ground leaning against the house. I drove up the hill beside the house no one was there at first.. I entered this place with a strong smelll.of mildew and damp. I wandered around some one popped up and we exchanged hellos
      The peole running it were not there tjry had gone to NY, but I was showed around by this young resident I felt not sure about it from the first minute. But was trying to figure out my thoughts he helped me bring stuff fr. car and led me upstairs to the most discusting bedroom. An old mattress on a wood pallet, filthy windows one broken, a filthy fan blowing on one , walls stripped of wall paper and mouldy, elec. Outlets pulled out and hanging
      It was like a crack house.. the youngster thought it was kool right? I was sick to my stomach and knew I could not stay there another minute. I took my things back to the car and left. I drive to the next big town Albany and stayed in a hotel. Completely humiliated I wrote to the e mail I had with them and explained my .discust. oh sorry they wrote we will refund you. No problem. They said oh yeah it was an abandoned property for many years… as they did not have money yet to fix up. ! What! They paid me back and I am now of course a little! jaded. to really trust residencies. They thought it was kool ? Like some euro, World of Interiors spread? Incredible and criminal.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to know if anyone has had an experience with Studio Visit Magazine? Yes it is a pay to play I guess. I had to pay just over $200 in February to be featured in the magazine if I was chosen which I was. So I paid and the magazine was supossed to be out in July and it’s now nearly October and I still don’t have it. I wrote two emails and they never got back to me however I finally got an email in mid to late August saying this: “We appreciate your patience during the past few months as we have been working through turnover, re-direction of responsibilities and production delays; thank you for your toleration during this complex period…. It takes approximately 4 weeks to print and another 4 weeks to ship from overseas. The issues are sent directly to our mailhouse in California where they are distributed to participating artists and our mailing list of over 2,000 recipients.” I finally call them and ask why the digital version was not at least posted because that should only take a couple hours to do and it’s only fair. The lady I spoke to was extremely rude to me and told me they would try to do it within the next couple weeks yet that was three weeks ago. I did finally talk to a couple people that were in previous magazines and I know they did actually get their magazines late also but they did say they got no phone calls. This leads me to wonder if they simply print enough magazines for those who are in it, or do they actually mail them to the 2000 galleries and museums they claim?… I’m beginning to wonder if they are going broke even though they are continuing to collect new money for editions after mine?… Does anyone have any knowledge of this magazine?…

  • anonymous

    I think I stepped into a scam. Wotisart contacted me saying my works would figure in their monthly magazine.
    I ordered some of the magazines (being proud to be in it 🙂 ) but never received anything nor got responses to numerous emails.
    Anyone having experience with wotisart magazine or ??

  • Winter

    I’ve entered the Hawaii Natl Parks residencies because, you’re right, it’s hard to pass up. Was told I made finals but that was through the third party link, so who knows? My take on the parks is that they prefer native Hawaiians work, particularly traditional fine art crafts so I haven’t tried again since the proposal took a lot of time. That said, I’d still love a National Park residency. Really surprised Trump hasn’t killed them yet.

  • Seth Randal

    Has anyone ever had dealings with a ‘Janet Shewring’? Apparently she lives in Seattle and is moving to Miami; she emailed me saying she’d seen my website and was interested in purchasing two pieces. Her email was full of grammatical errors which I found rather odd. I have been targeted before by scammers through email and my website. One can’t be too careful these days. Thanks

      • Jacob M. Shavit

        I have the same exact story, I did get paid a few days ago and the artwork had not been delivered yet. The details are sure unusual. I am going to make sure the amount is in the bank for at least two weeks. Will keep you posted.

    • KarenRand

      I have received dozens and dozens of scam emails, often requesting to buy certain pieces shown on my website. They usually have a similar flavor and/or theme (“my wife saw your work, I am moving to {fill in the blank} “…) Misspellings and bad grammar are an instant giveaway. Just send it to spam — engaging with them gets really confusing and weird. They have a scheme for sending you money but somehow they get into your back accout. Be careful.

      • Jacob M. Shavit

        This is an update, this morning I discover that the check was returned and my bank charged me $12; that confirm that this is a scam. I am going to watch my account very carefully, thanks for the posts.

  • Anonymous

    Miami’s Independent Thinkers

    Pay for Play. This so called gallery is a complete scam. The front runner for the gallery is a lady named Kerry McLaney. She’s a local Miami resident who hosts an open call for artists every year for Scope Art Fair during Miami’s Art (Basel) Week. She collects all the entry fees of $50 each and then she just picks her close friends to exhibit. Every year she hosts an international call every Art Basel and takes advantage of many artists who do not know their work will not get picked as she collects the money.
    Many of my own artist friends have had horrible experiences with her at a show years ago where she sold two of their artworks for the price of one because she was drunk during the exhibit. She refused to pay them for the second artwork sold. I know that she also has a space in Wywnood called Gallery 2612 and I don’t really know how she operates it but as far as the Art Basel/Scope Art fair call to international artists… stay away.

  • anonymous

    JanKossen Contemporary is a pay for play operation. On top of hefty application fees, artists submitting their work for inclusion must pay a $150-$500 hanging fee PER ARTWORK. This is disclosed after being accepted to show. A warning to also avoid Arte Ponte, a sister operation of JanKossen. Work shown at fairs by Arte Ponte hails from artists paying $3,000+ to be there. Booth shares can be ethical, but there is nothing ethical on Jasmin Kossenjans, JanKossen and Arte Ponte. Save the headache.

  • anonymous

    I’d like to report unethical attitude of jplus gallery or j+ gallery in NY and Seoul.
    the owner goes by Stella Kim or JungHee Kim
    she does not pay the artists.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone had any experience with Dab Art, in Ventura CA? I applied for a Call for Entry, which was a request to review artists work for future (and unspecified) exhibitions. The cost was not much, but they also offered a $50 consultation in addition. I paid for both, figuring if I was not accepted I would be better able to determine why.

    I received a rejection letter fairly quickly, along with a comment that if I had paid for a consultation I would be contacted shortly. 2 months later I had not heard anything, and figured they weren’t worth working with. I emailed the director of Dab Art asking for a refund of the $50. She was a bit stuffy about it, but said as a courtesy (“which we normally don’t offer”) she would refund my $50, within 90 days.

    I’m now wondering if I’ll ever see the refund. Dab Art doesn’t seem to be brick and mortar, but is associated with H Gallery in Ventura.

    Does anyone else have any experience, pro or con?

  • Lori J Johns

    I have reported GoDaddy, WordPress, Google for harassment, abuse, and defamation of character. The more I look at the unsupported and personal attacks on myself and businesses I have no other recourse but no get litigious. I have requested defamation be removed, along with your site to be disabled. I can only take the next step to place this in front of the judicial system for accountability. I was called names with no actual documentation, truth, and people I have ever worked with. I have been a very hardworking gallerist for 12 years with a positive reputation exhibiting in selective art fairs. I have artists with me for years and years. Some I have let go of their own unprofessional or poor quality reasons. These “fired” people, with a grudge to grind, or even strangers can just say made up things about a person and business with no accountability or documentation is not journalism. It is liable. It is also “fake” news. Hurting people without fact checking is as unprofessional. I have asked you to cease and desist. Remove content regarding C. Emerson Fine Arts, Phylogeny Contemporary. Provide next your attorney’s information. I will be finding representation for cyberbullying, defamation and liable.

  • anonymous

    I wanted to give feedback about Vogelsang Gallery organizing the Cube Art fair in NY. it’s simply a vanity gallery and a very expensive one. very negative feedback. do not expect more than a line on your resume (if you can afford it!)

  • anonymous

    Hi, I was contacted by Gallery Vogelsang: they participate to art fairs and also organize the Cube art fair in NYC. thankfully I already know several artists who worked with him and they told me to run away. The guy charges more than $7000 to showcase 1 painting per fair and it’s the same amount for the cube art fair. totally a vanity gallery. do not expect anything else than a line on your resume.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I work for an artist and we have received two “fishy” proposals:

    1. UAE Art Collector/Global Art Awards/Global Art Agency – they sent an email pay-to-play proposal to be included in their “Art Book” (cost: between 850-1500 USD). The email made it seem like this is an established publication (published at least once before, in 2017), however, on closer inspection we found out that it has never been published (they keep pushing the deadline). When we asked about last year’s book (there was a call for artists online) – they were dodgy and replied that this is the first one. This enterprise is somehow connected to the Global Art Awards, which are organised by the Global Art Agency (they also organise numerous fairs, all pay-to-play). I wonder if anyone has had any experience with them?


    2. Contemporary Art Curator (Magazine):

    We also received an email from this website, stating they are a recognized entity in the art world. I didn’t find any third-party press on them, and when I searched for the staff (editor etc.), the searches didn’t come up with any references at all. The language in the email is also somewhat strange. They do have about 280.000 followers on Instagram, but that’s about it. They boast with huge visitor numbers, which I haven’t been able to corroborate on sites that measure website traffic. They offer three “options” for being featured, ranging from 160-300 USD/year. Has anyone signed with them and received any benefits from that (sales, exposure etc.)?

    Links: ;

  • anonymous
    Applied and was accepted. THEN they tell you their fees.
    The entry fee is:
    .video art category
    – 200 euro for a video selected (no longer than 10 minutes. Longer videos should be discussed apart).
    – 300 euro for a maximum of 2 selected videos (no longer than 10 minutes. Longer videos should be
    discussed apart).
    .painting and photo categories
    – 200 euro for each selected artwork with a maximum dimensions of 30x30cm;
    – 250 euro for each selected artwork with a maximum dimensions of 50x50cm;
    – 500 euro for each selected artwork with a maximum dimensions of 100x100cm.
    .installation/sculpture category
    – 500 euro for selected work with a maximum dimension of 100x100cm (or for 1 square metre of space).
    Artworks/series bigger than 1 square metre are allowed. The entry fee for bigger and special projects,
    complex and innovative installations can be discussed with the organization.

  • Leah

    Does anyone know anything about 1340Art Magazine. I was contacted by Carolyn Tate to enter some of my images in a competition to be included in the print version of the magazine. It says ‘small payment required’ but not what it is exactly. First contact was made through instagram. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience with them. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Residency Arquetopia located in Puebla, Mexico
    They were in a rush to get my bank transfer.
    Once I got there, they gave me a studio separated from the group because I paint in oil. They never told me before hand I would be painting in a separate room.
    The room was located on the fourth floor made out all off glass without air conditioned and with way too much light for a painter! Think about it were in Mexico! It is super hot and sunny. A room made out of glass really! I couldn’t paint a hole week. They didn’t offer anything to compensate the money I lost. They didn’t reply to me for 3 days because it was apparently the week-end and once they respond they did act like I was disturbing them. It took them too long to react and their only idea was to put paper in the window. They had no excuse. They knew an artist painting in oil was coming right! Anyway, I was unable to paint during the hole residency because it was too hot.

    One of the guy is an American and he knows exactly what he is doing business wise.
    During the residency they never came to ask genuinely how we were and to make sure we were fine. They kept to themselves.
    All the resident there were mostly young women having an art residency experience for their first time.
    When I ask for a formal receipt of the art residency for my tax purposes, they never responded to me. I emailed them several times. I never heard back.

    What was included in this art residency?
    -Four week residency
    -Four individual meeting with text to read
    -a room and one meal included a day
    The price: 1,780$ US. It did cost me 2,520$ in Canadian dollar.

    This residency is all about the business of financing their big houses and the music school of the owner.
    I don’t recommend it unless you are desperate.

  • anonymous

    Garvey Simon Gallery charges a $22 fee to review artist’s work. They call themselves a gallery and an art “advisory.” Foolishly I submitted and was told my work did not suit their “program.” No other comments. What did I gain? Nothing. Wiser perhaps….Nothing illegal I suppose….just a waste.

    • Anonymous

      Program is the current accepted term in galleries much like the word “ stable” and other terms one could take as an insult. Let’s say that these things evolve slowly, and only if the creators insist. Look at it this way, people who sell art ( and try to sell art ) do so because Art makes them look good, makes them feel good, cool, hip, edgy, intelligent, “cerebral” – that one is my Fave! See what I’m saying? It’s tough if you’ve given up the act of drawing painting etc. they wish to be in cool rooms, attend good parties, wear the most expensive clothes & make money. Can we blame them? The Bitch side is just that, bitchiness, elitism, ignorance, and the fact it is just a tough gig because people more often value these other things much more than “Art” Art schools and other institutions show us avant- guarde art of the past and artist have to sort that out to greater or lesser success and connection with an actual audience of “people” not just Gallerist and collectors. The myths about the value of “ dead Artist having more value only compound the complex nexus, as do other common myths.

      Consider that vibes and snaky ways are a valuable test for artists to get a hell of a lot more confident. This is a wise thing to do, figuring out good ways to address snobbery and bad manners from dealers and staff is a good idea.

      Respect is earned. And it goes both ways too.

      Recent visit to a newer gallery in New York, that shows numerous artists beloved of mine left me subtly pissed off for a few months ( Barely aware I’d filed the emotion away) each e/ mail notice received burned me up at the memory. – what was thier “crime” ? a profound look of Disgust and contempt, by at least one staff member at the front desk and two owners at my “ hello/ good day” greeting as I entered the gallery at the request to introduce my self there by the artist who was then showing. More pressure to engage them put them in even more aggressive mode; Raised eyebrows, flaring nostrils, piercing eyes, growls of disgust! Flicking hands to “ move me away” sighs of – ughhhhhhg! Following that.

      Par for the course in New York where it is well known people enjoy being mistreated, and one must prove ones mettle by being a “ bitch” one way or another.

      Later a mail was drafted informing them that arch treatment received was the worst yet encountered in gallery going by me since 1993! Informed I would never again bring anyone through thier door or encourage money of any kind be spent- or even time looking at shows etc. an invitation was received to “ reintroduce myself” moral of the story is your indignation must be sound, well understood of the context, firm, tactful and one step above thier perceived status of themselves. The gallery is called Seargents Daughter’s they show excellent work and have brought painting back downtown where I like it. We shall see how they handle “ next time” though I have their assurance it will be a great experience- and it “ could “ be a great experience.

      Good luck it is worth it

  • anonymous

    I received an unsolicited email (see it after my comment) from World Wide Art Books Inc. This company publishes art books under the titles International Contemporary Masters, Current Masters and Important World Artists. This publisher “selects” and “approves” artists for their books mainly by sending unsolicited emails.
    In the email below, WWAB claimed they contacted me previously and they saw my artwork on a website for an artist organization that I am a member of which both claims are false. For one, I never received an email from WWAB in the past. And second, only my name is on the artist organization’s website, no images or links to images of my artwork exists on the artist organization’s website. Matter of fact, I don’t have a website or an Instagram account yet. Of course this raised a red flag for me so I checked out their website and it indicates an artist has to pay a participation fee of $1385 for just 1 page, up to $9800 for the front cover. I also researched Metropolitan Art Museum in Las Vegas, where WWAB claims artists featured in their publications are invited to exhibit, and this “museum” is actually a vanity gallery on the 2nd floor of a tourist mall on the Vegas strip.
    If you receive an email from WWAB, don’t respond, just immediately delete it and block the domain so you won’t receive any more emails from WWAB. Also, I wouldn’t create a portfolio on their website because they probably use it to find new victims to scam.

    As mentioned above, here’s the email I received:

    Dear [Artist’s Name]

    I have contacted you in the past about inclusion in our publication but I have not heard back from you. Have you received my message?
    I am pasting it below again. I would appreciate if you let me know.

    I came across your art though the [the name of place where artist name came from] and I liked it so I would like to invite you to submit your portfolio for inclusion in Current Masters, International Contemporary Masters and Important World Artists three leading juried annual art publications presenting noteworthy artists and photographers from all over the world.

    We have a large distribution and the purpose of the book is to promote the artists in it. Besides delivering it for free to galleries, art collectors, museums, etc. we distribute free copies to all visitors and exhibitors in art shows that we participate, such as Spectrum-Red Dot in Miami, Art Expo New York. Only artists who are up to the standards of our art committee are selected.

    As a result, the artists in our books are approached by many galleries to exhibit their art.

    Please note that inclusion in the books is not free. Approved artists must pay a participation fee which varies according to the number of pages of the artist’s presentation.
    Galleries, agencies and groups of 2 or more artists receive special discounts.

    Artists appearing in the book are invited to participate in the exhibition organized by WWAB at the Metropolitan Art Museum in Las Vegas, dedicated to each new volume.

    You can review our previous books on our site (to visit the website you can type the address in your browser)
    If you are interested, I can send you detailed information.
    We also have a tremendous art portal, where artists can create their portfolios for free and sell their art directly to their clients, paying no commissions to anyone! Regardless of inclusion in the books, you can use artavita for your free portfolio and art announcements.

    Thanks for reading,

    Matt Benson — Assistant Curator

    World Wide Art Books Inc.
    5533 Cathedral Oaks Road
    Santa Barbara, CA 93111
    United States
    Tell 805 770 5136 and 5137

    *World Wide Art Books was established in 1997 and we have represented and promoted thousands of artists.
    In BBB (Better Business Bureau) which is an organization providing information for every company in the US we are A+ without one single complain all these years.
    You can find the link on our website.
    If you click on it, you will find all the information about our company.

  • Anonymous

    CYNTHIA HOUPPERT, “Art Agent” and former owner of ArtStruck Gallery in Blue Ridge, Georgia. This is still so incredibly painful to discuss —I’m going to provide the facts, but it’s is a lengthy story ; worth your while to read it! I was a novice when I signed with this “art agent” and her gallery. I had NO clue what real agents do for artists; in retrospect I think she got that about me right away & capitalized on it. Long story short, after I’d paid/insured $10K worth of my portfolio to be shipped to her gallery, months later they weren’t answering the phone OR emails. I’m 2000 mi from there so I was panic-stricken. Not knowing what else to do, I called a local art association who gave me the low-down: they’d skipped town, owing quite a few people money including the landlord; the lady I spoke with said she was pretty sure there was a warrant for their arrest, several bad checks, I think. I should mention Cynthia has a life partner whose name changes often. Cynthia and her partner were men previously and transitioning to women has helped them hide from law enforcement. Cynthia wrote a book on getting an art agent, which was one of the reasons I signed with her; I felt that added to her credibility and I trusted that. As the days went by I spoke with many people in Blue Ridge, Georgia, desperately trying to track down my work. Although she’d sold a few pieces, she still had the majority of my portfolio. A kind person who knew the landlord said nothing was left in the gallery space they’d rented, so I knew she had to have my work with her. It wasn’t just me, there were 11 other Artists who were robbed. When I contacted each of them, they were afraid/ashamed to go public, felt it would hurt their marketability and were embarrassed they’d been scammed. One of my fellow exhibitors was a very well-know international sculptor; interestingly enough he tracked her down and got his work back, but I think he was successful only because he threatened to go public with the story. He told me they’d re-located to Miami and gave me a phone number. I called until my fingers were numb; no answer. I did a paid internet search ($40) to get their email. I wrote demanding my work be returned to me at ONCE. I got back a response, loaded with snark and smartassery, as though I was the one who’d stolen $10K worth of Artwork. I threatened her with police and she said I’d signed a contract and there was nothing I could do. The contract I signed was STRICTLY for exhibit in Blue Ridge, Georgia, NOT transporting my work ANYWHERE and had actually expired. I called the FBI Art Theft Unit and was told the value of my work was “arbitrary” and that they could not pursue these crooks; also was a problem that I’d “given” my work to them, wasn’t like they’d broken into a gallery or museum and stolen it. They were kind and sympathetic but couldn’t help me. Meanwhile, I began getting threatening emails from Cynthia, saying she would “alert the Gay/LGBTQ community that I was Gay-basher” . I was like, good luck with THAT, honey, at least a third of my buyers are Gay. So WHAT ?!?! The threats and derogatory comments continued until I finally gave up and blocked her. You could float a kayak in the tears I shed over this. This was 10 years ago; I still have not been able to recover ANY of my work and am pretty sure she sold it all & kept the money. Insofar as I know, that’s what she did to ALL of us except the sculptor. I think his international status was what helped him recover his pieces; he had an established value of his work, well-documented. My work has grown exponentially in value since that time and now hangs in seven countries and two museums. I would give anything to get back my originals. The work Cynthia stole from me were all early originals and I have very few photos of that work, stupidly trusted her to take more photos for me and of course that never happened. This person and her partner are straight-up thieves and manipulators; they come off as highly knowledgeable about the Art World, but they are crooks and cons. I strongly urge you NEVER to do business with them; they have a long history of cheating artists and actually robbing them AND very sadly, have gotten away with it for quite a long time, ten years plus. Had I owned a ten thousand dollar CAR, the cops would’ve been all over it. But, because it was Artwork, the value only counts if you’re selling like hotcakes and an established “name”. Keep that in mind when you do business with people who have little to no Art cred. I learned the hard way–and my work is gone forever. I want to add that I am totally disabled and Cynthia knew that; my art materials, framing, and shipping & insurance were paid for by family members & friends who wanted to help me pull up out of a long, deep depression after an accident that’d permanently disabled me. I lost everything I had and was clawing my way back into Life. Cynthia knew ALL of this and still robbed me blind of my work. THAT is a direct illustration of how craven she and her partner are.

  • Anonymous

    I was so excited to be accepted to be accepted to the Arctic Circle Residency and the geography of the trip is very beautiful. However, there were so many things wrong that I wanted to let others know. First of all, the Arctic Circle residency does not provide any funding at all; it is completely self-funded – they charge $6,500, but additional costs run another $3,000; gear, travel, hotels, etc. This is probably the same cost if you got some friends and organized a similar trip yourself, something that the shipping company offers.

    The worst part is that the director was very abusive to many people. Participants (each trip has about 25) were not allowed to ask any questions. If they did, they were met with a tirade. My heart went out to a 22 year old who “had the audacity” to ask him a question.

    The trip is billed as a two weeks on a ship but is actually 10 days. That comes out to about $950 a day. 3-4 days were spent on land in a bunkhouse. It makes sense to get there one day early, but not at all interesting to waste time on land for $950 a day. People who left early were harassed and made fun of. That part could have been optional or they could have been up front about the actual itinerary.
    Director claim to offer studio space on ship, but that turned out to be the same space as the dining area. They pressure you for $100 for a tip just before leaving the boat. What not be upfront about costs? I did a fundraiser for the $6,500 but had to spend much more than expected. Everyone thought the trip was being subsidized too – something important to know as some grants match received funds.

    I understand not wanting to waste- everyone was assigned one cup only and cups were only washed once a day, if that. Of course that was hard to keep straight so when one person got sick, many people got really sick.

    The program also claims it is for artists and scientists, but there are no scientists are on the trip. That would have been very interesting.

    Participants are invited to stay up as late as they like drinking – that’s how the ship makes extra $$. Not to be a fuddy-dud, but if you want to make use of the time s studio time, that is not realistic. Why not close the bar at midnight for example? The bar is in the studio space/dining room – maybe convenient for some!!, but makes it hard if you really want to use the time well.

    The boat crew members were very nice, but smoked liked chimneys. Though they only smoked on deck, smoke got everywhere. However, to close on a nice note – the other participants were great.

  • Anonymous

    I believe “Specto Art Space” holds “call for entry” events and never has actual exhibitions. I applied for a show and didn’t get in, which is okay… BUT they have yet to announce show dates, winners of their call for entries, or any updated information on their website. A friend of mine in the area says the gallery doesn’t exist, or in their defense, may just not be up and running yet. I have contacted a couple places that list their calls to make them aware of the situation. The owner is responsive to e-mail, but it is incredibly fishy to me that nothing has been listed anywhere. Once artists are notified, there should be a notification of who is exhibiting and when. The show dates and deadlines are continuously pushed back – something isn’t adding up here. They claim to print, frame and mount your images, and that they give away tons of prizes.


  • Anonymous

    Art & Sol Studios
    310 NW 25TH St
    Miami, FL 33127
    Put out an international call for art last year with a deadline of October 14, 2016. It’s title: “Art Basel 2016” a three day event, December 1-31, 2016 in their Wynwood Miami studio to “exhibit during the hottest week in Miami” Art Basel Miami 2016. With a full color catalog to be published of entries submitted to this competition, awards and gift cards.
    I paid the 42.80 submission fee, 4 stone sculptures were accepted and 2 sculptures as backup incase of sales, a total of 6 stone sculptures to be delivered and set up for the exhibition. I had been emailing and calling Christine with questions and concerns (I was getting very little communication) which began to leave me sceptical. Art drop off on November 28th, was a 5 hour drive to deliver my packed stone sculptures. I arrived to pay by the hour parking street side (not near the studio). I went into the studio to find a small so-called art studio with erotic/bondage art on the walls, a messy, dirty, unorganized street side party house.
    There were no pedestals for heavy stone sculpture nor any space to place them.
    When I confronted her about not having pedestals or space to exhibit my heavy stone sculptures… Christine said; I bought some pedestals and they’re waiting to be picked up at the post office. I asked for the slip, I would go pick them up, she said they’re being delivered, ” Just leave your stone sculptures on the floor and we’ll take care of setting them up. I asked about a contract to sign off my art, she didn’t have one.
    I refused to leave my artwork. I had to stay in a hotel because of another 5 hour return trip back home. I never heard from her or Salim (who knew nothing about anything when asked)

    Juror: Christine Madison; B.A. in Business & Visual Arts: Purdue University, Owner/Curator of Art & Sol Studios.
    An artist herself and originally from Sanford, Florida. Set up shop in Miami.
    Another Juror; Salim Cortes; B.A. in Visual Arts Columbus College of Art & Design.

  • anonymouse

    Do NOT work with Joseph Latimore of Gallery Sensei, now based on 135 Eldridge Street.

    He owes me 3K, he owes a friend 9K, he owes people in London 30K and the list goes on and on.

    He has made a business of hustling artists, curators and anyone trusting enough to give him opportunities and/or work for him.
    On top of that, his gallery is a pay to play.

  • anonymous

    Galerie Bernard Jordan, Paris, did not return one of my unsold artworks after an exhibiton. After emailing Jordan many times he finally admitted he could not find it back in any of his storages. He did not offer to pay for it. I was so kind to make him an invoice for less than the amount we had agreed on in case of selling it. But after several reminders he paid only a fraction of that amount.
    Think twice before you work with this gallery. They maintain a high standard in respect to the quality of the art that they show, but not in respect to paying artists apparently.

  • Anonymous

    A particular company to watch out for and AVOID is one called Museum of Cultural Arts, in London, UK (situated at Canary Wharf) and run by a woman called Lorraine Gabriel. Do not have anything to do with her, she is very dangerous. What started out as a linked in contact, with offers to represent me, and host an art exhibition for me in London, became a huge horrible heartbreak. End of 2015, we met in London and she charged me 280 pounds to represent me. A couple of months later, she asked me for 1500 pounds to do a special clothing line of my artworks. That never eventuated at all. During 2016 as we communicated by email, she was a little cagey with details. She asked me for 6400 pounds for the venue hire in London and to manage everything from easels to transportation of the artworks to the gallery, and said she would pay the deposit to the venue right away. At one point, when I asked her about where the money was going, she got snappy and angry with me and really upset me that night. I should have listened to my gut instinct and pulled out right away, but I did not. We proceeded communication, and few months later, in late 2016 came the time to prepare for my exhibition in London and I flew all the way from Australia to have it and on the very night, thirty minutes before the exhibition was due to open, she cancelled! With weak excuses saying that the car hire company had cancelled on her, and a couple of days later, we found out that she had not paid the venue at all, and the venue told me she told them a different story, that she could not afford the car hire or the easels hire. I felt very angry! This was 6400 pounds I had paid her for all of this, where had it all gone? So we got about reporting her to the police and fraud squad and the embassy, which all were on our side. Lorraine says she will do this and that for you, but never does anything, just pockets the money and runs! Stay away from her.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to report and warn all of an artist residency retreat business called Starry Night Artist Retreat. Be very careful. They offer you a special opportunity called Exposure, to exhibit in Miami, USA or Venice, Italy at art expos. They charge you thousands of dollars and then they pay themselves to fly from where they are to the expo and then if you do something slightly so wrong (in their eyes!) such as converse with an art gallerist (which you should be allowed to do!!!!) they go off at you and run off with your money. The promises they made to support artists like myself for one whole year which they did not honour, breaching the contract I had signed. I also won a scholarship to do one of their courses (which I must mention was nothing but cheap silly point form information and no real content!), and then was selected to be in an art expo, which then they charged me $6000 for, and promised me ongoing support. Later when I went to dispute the breach of contract by them, they told the gallerist that I had paid for the course – after telling me I had won it. So effectively they told lies to get out of paying me my money back which still has not come back to me three years on.
    This person Monika Proffitt is the person you need to watch out for. An awful temper, a great jealousy of good artists, and will take your money and run! Do not give Starry Night Artist Retreat your business, no matter how glowing reviews may be on their site, they are not honest! And their prices are ridiculously high! Just another Vanity type of art service! I make no apologies for exposing this horrible company.

  • Anonymous

    Average art magazine,UK based. After sending in an image You get a notice that you made it in the magazine and you can buy the mag for £ 7.99 + shipping Needless to say, there’s no magazine. A rip off.

  • Lori H Putnam

    I would like to report on two former business relationships:
    1. Rebecca Barrett who owned Link Gallery in Estes Park, CO and then in Cheyenne, WY. After selling artwork, she did not pay. She also took money from artists for a co-op ad, overcharge them for the space, then never paid the advertising bill and kept it all. I have confirmation of this from the magazine ad rep directly. I am not sure if the gallery is still open, but I believe she still “represents” artists.
    2. Ken Featherstone who repeatedly made promises but never “fully” delivered. He is involved in many types of artists’ opportunities such as exhibitions, on-line representation, and advertising/editorial/representation. I have had three separate dealings with him. I continued to give things a try, thinking that surely I was mistaken. In the end, clearly, I was not. His emails and messages were extremely angry. After politely responding to his last email request, I received a very unprofessional response that I do not feel appropriate to share here.
    Bottom-line, in my dealings with them, neither of these two people were who they seemed to be on the surface.

    • Halo

      I am writing to report unethical unfair and unprofessional practices by Lab Art Gallery, LLC of California owned by Iskander Lemseffer. I am an artist who sold a painting through the business owned by Mr. Lemseffer.

      Mr. Lemseffer is a thief and is in breach of contract on two counts: not disclosing the true price of my piece by not issuing a copy of the sales receipt and not paying me in full. In addition to this unethical behavior, he also “left” my painting in the potential owner’s house for 18 months after I repeatedly asked of its whereabouts. I eventually started receiving payments after insisting for months that he remove my piece from her house.

      I gave the gallery owner ample opportunity to pay me in payments which he did but he was once again negligent in keeping his word whereby first promising to pay $1000/mo. of the $4000 owed (the painting could have been more, I may never know). He paid the thousand then dropped the payments to $500/mo. then $250 every other week. He stopped paying me a few weeks ago and has stopped responding to me with a balance due of $1500.

      While I realize that my hopes for restitution could very well be in vain, (this amount is too small for me to to waste my energy fighting him in courts), I do want people to know of his unethical behavior. This was a very large and very reputable gallery. He struggled so much at the end of last year that he is now in real estate but the Lab Art gallery remains as an online store. He had another location in Texas but I don’t know if it is still open.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for making this website. I’ve been involved with art as a designer and illustrator for many years but am now adding public art projects and subsequently have many questions.

    1. Any feedback on good or bad art insurance? I think general liability is good to have but only a few companies seem to allow it for artists as professionals. Also would like recommendations for specific art installation insurance. Anyone used Fractured Atlas?

    2. Any feedback on the Hawaii Volcano Art Residency? Costs $50 to enter but is too appealing to pass up. You do have to donate an artwork but then you can have that location for your artwork.

    3. Is anyone aware of a mentor program for public artists?

  • Anonymous

    In Lisbon Portugal, a city I’ve frequented and love very much, there is near its castle Colorida Gallery. They approached me via Linkedin and after some correspondence I agreed to be included in a summer exhibition that went from two weeks to two months. A map of the gallery indicated the wall where my 8 paintings would hang in my bonding contract, and yes they asked for money to cover the expenses of an online booklet included on their website. When I arrived, on the Thursday before their Saturday reception reassembling my paintings, I noticed in the hours spent there that no one paid the gallery a visit, which I dismissed knowing the difference would be made during the reception. My wall was given to another which I didn’t protest (my regret). A mutual friend of the late Francis Bacon flew in from Paris as did another from England. What I was to discover is that the gallery is situated way behind the castle where no traffic, tourist or otherwise, would manifest, the reception was discouragingly feeble, the gallery sold nothing, no collectors, and my conclusion is that they just live off of international artist monetary contributions, Americans included, and I’ve yet to have galleries charging artists sell substantially having no collectors. There’s much more but not worth stretching into this comment, although I’ve noticed Colorida in previous forums where many struggling artists have been approached and question their legitimacy. Sometimes we artists must take chances and make sacrifices, but my heart bleeds when we consider adding up all that it may end up costing and yet a gallery is incapable of selling and just continue targeting vulnerable artists to keep their expenses paid.

  • anonymous

    Can you set up a residency category? Lots of problems there is you are just beginning. I traveled to India last year to this place: Owner did not connect me with sculptor after 10 days. I went with a local friend and set it up with said sculptor in under an hour. When I got back to Tvak, owner kicked me out and kept $700 USD. She is notorious for doing the same to local artists. She also tried to derail my connection with the sculptor. Mean person. In April 2017, a poet came from UK and she said she’d get him a place to stay in town. Never did and he had to rely on another organization. Steer clear.

  • anonymous

    Has anyone published in Artvoices Magazine? Or been involved with any of Terrence Sanders efforts? Platform Contemporary Art Show etc. The organization seems to have good intentions, but there is a sliding scale of cost with most of his projects. Typically a red flag, but he seems to be putting good effort twds some alternative channels for artist. And the shows seem to have some curatorial strategy behind them. Just not sure of his figures / claims – ie 15k-20k people showing up at Platform Contemporary Art Show. Thought I would post and see if anyone has shown with this organization.

  • anonymous

    1650Gallery in L.A.

    This is a gallery that specializes in photography. They put out a “call” for a subject or keyword and make a selection of “winners” to be exhibited. They offer print services if you send your files. I had 3 pieces selected for one of their exhibits. The “opening” was on a Saturday. I live in NY but my son lives in L.A. and wanted to see the exhibit. That began to unravel the despicable sham this place is. Going online to fine a phone number – no listing. We could not get days or hours without emailing. There is no website. Well there is, but it takes you to a FB page. There’s no photos of the gallery itself, and when I emailed for days and hours of operation so my son could go, the response was that there are no hours, that he should EMAIL to request an appointment to see the exhibit, and it was too bad he didn’t come to the “Saturday” opening, because the exhibit would only be up for a week and unfortunately the gallery was going to be CLOSED for that week! I paid for them to print the 3 pieces which were supposed to be shipped back to me after the exhibit, and I have yet to receive them.

  • Rita Romero

    Please list Heaven Art Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. They are a new brick and mortar gallery that just opened. They display the submitted art on large monitors in their gallery to customers.They started a contest and exhibition, but have no standards for judging – they welcome ALL art submissions so they can display it and sell prints. It is a vanity art gallery that charges the artist $10/month per image to be displayed. I had an email exchange with one of the owners to get more information, since there is little information on their website

    They started a contest and exhibition to get artists to submit their work for a $10 fee. I entered the contest in May and won first place in Portraits, but the only “prize” was to be included in a one month “exhibition” with all of the other submitted works for “free”. In other words, it’s a vanity gallery that you have to pay $10/month to display each image per month. They do no promotion of any artist, and all of the work is lumped together regardless of media – art, photography, sculpture, etc. Some of the accepted works are clearly amateurish, but there was no judging criteria for the contest. The artist gets a commission for each print sold. The gallery only does prints, so if a customer actually wants to buy the original piece the gallery gives them the artist’s contact information. There is no contract agreement for the gallery to represent your work – only the online agreement when you upload images.

  • aynomous

    Please look into Working Artist Grant. Charges $25 as a submission fee which goes directly to the individual who runs it not to a nonprofit organization. Does not have a legitimate jury selecting artwork, but just collects funding from applicants so as to make a profit. Winner receives $500 but not really because they must then donate an artwork to the organization.

  • anonymous

    Six Summit Gallery (NYC, Ivoryton CT, Fairfield CT)
    They periodically send out a Call for Artists and do a group show. Leo, the guy who runs it, is a royal pain and my experience was an epic fail. The gallery, really just in Ivoryton, is almost never open because it’s not his main business (and he won’t hire someone to open it). He stages events and fashion shows elsewhere and works in the back on the phone when he is in town. In addition to the entrance fee he charged other fees, very unprofessional in hanging the show, uncooperative with picking up work afterward, tried to get me to dramatically lower my prices, wanted extras (my printed catalogs) to give away free… and never sold anything. Another artist who works with him made it clear you have to suck up and always agree with him or he’ll do nothing to promote your work. Unless you just want another group show on the resume and will go in person to hang and pickup, and will let your work be endangered and not seen in the meantime… don’t bother.

  • Jesse Bercowetz

    Galerie Michael Janssen refused to return my artwork and eventually destroyed it never paying me a cent.
    My experience with Gallerie Michael Janssen (Michael, Dane, and Nina) started off great. They were very supportive, and I produced hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sculptures for them. They took all my work to Germany with the agreement that what they did not sell they would return to me. I never saw any money. After years of trying to work something out with them and being ignored and disrespected. I asked them for a small portion of what they owed me. They continued to avoid the conversation. Today I’ve decided to let it go. Now I know without a doubt the type of people they are, and I feel sad for them. They have to live with themselves.
    My part in this is that I did not protect myself. I did not have a written contract, and I trusted that they would do the right thing. I am not asking for career or legal advice I am only stating my experience. I think it’s important to name names. Most artists don’t do this because they are scared it will make them look bad. I believe more artist should speak out and name names because we all know this is common practice for many (not all) galleries.
    Galerie Michael Janssen Galerie Michael Janssen Galerie Michael Janssen Singapore Dane Reinacher
    Feel free to share

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